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  1. @CDawg Yup, that was it. I knew it would be something dumb like that. Thanks, it's working now.
  2. As another data point, I created a second realm in the DB without actually setting up another worldserver or anything. Once I log in I can see both realms. If I select the realm that isn't actually running from the realm list (in the game client) it will give me a message saying "Logging in to Game Server" before popping me back out to the realm list. I'm not sure if that's happening on the authserver or if it's actually trying to connect to the game server. They both show as online, even though the second one doesn't exist as anything more than a line in the DB. I've also tried setting this up to run remotely. I was able to log in from a computer across the internet but got the same connection loop issues. My authserver.conf and worldserver.conf are untouched from the original .dist files (ran a diff against them just now to verify that).
  3. Yes, I mentioned that happens when I configure it incorrectly, which makes it seem that the current configuration, which stays open, is correct. I can get both the authserver and worldserver to run properly and stay open. There are no errors in the consoles with my current setup. This is why I assume the issue is a networking issue and not one of configuration. When I sign in, the client can authenticate but I get stuck between Connected and Selecting a Realm.
  4. I'm also stuck connecting to Trinity Core, with the Connected loop issue. I can authenticate just fine (and it fails if I put in bad credentials), so I'm definitely connecting to the Auth service from the client. The issue seems to be connecting to the worldserver, most likely from some sort of misconfiguration through the networking side of things. It will show the Trinity server as an available realm even if I don't start the worldserver service, so there is definitely some sort of disconnect there. I've also tried setting the address to instead of the LAN IP to the same effect. The worldserver is connecting to the database just fine, apparently. If I try to change any of the db connection strings it crashes immediately. If I try to change its port it crashes when trying to initialize the network. I'm not much of a networking person so I imagine there is something there that I missed. I currently have the ports forwarded and have the firewall turned off. As a side note, I installed and built this from your instructions using the latest files on Windows 10 with a 64 bit installation. I thought the instructions were really good up until the middle of "Server Setup" and then they got a bit hairy. You have to jump around a bit between Server Setup, Database Installation, Client Setup, and Networking, whereas before it was very linear. For example, Server Setup has a step that says "Log in using the user/pass you just created." but you don't create a user/pass until the Networking step, two sections later (and those instructions are a bit vague as well, not telling you *where* to enter the commands).
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