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  1. Have an error on configure with CMake. Not sure if it's significant or not. I have tried configuring 32 and 64 bit and both have this warning. Getting this error on CMake configure with latest git pull: CMake Warning (dev) at cmake/macros/FindOpenSSL.cmake:220 (math): Unexpected character in expression at position 2: c
  2. Yeah I had moved it to the database page for it to make better sense than what it was before (it flowed better). I wasn't sure how to create a new page and setup links. I see you re-arranged it all to make better sense now.
  3. I agree it has a lot of good information especially with pulling the latest build from Git and compiling / installing but kinda drops off from there... Just looked at the GM commands and the changes help a lot... Once I get to understanding Trinitycore better I will try to help with updating Wiki if I have access... Don't feel comfortable trying to do any changes as of yet... Most of mine will have to be for Windoze right now as my computer here doesn't like Linux at all... The AMD video card has serious issues with LInux (won't run any flavor of linux GUI without crashing)...
  4. I am new here but have been working with game Emulators for a while. Been a number of years since I have messed around with the WoW emulators but have been working with EQ emulators for a while. Trinitycore is a LOT easier to install / compile compared to the EQ versions. Still with that being said I found the step-by-step instructions in the Wiki to be sadly lacking a LOT of crucial information. When I was stuck I tried searching and that did little but take me right back to the spot with missing information. Whomever maintains the Wiki has the unfortunate tendency to assume installers know some information and simply skip it which will tend to confuse and frustrate people (this problem is VERY common among many people unfortunately.) Many of the people that try to help or instruct others tend to make that same mistake, assuming the people being instructed know certain information. To truly setup step-by-step instructions you must assume the people know absolutely nothing about the setup. That is the only true way to reduce the posts here asking for help. For instance on the Wiki under the Server Setup it mostly takes you through a setup until it reaches this point: ---------------------------------------------- https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130046/Server+Setup After completing all the steps listed above you can now start your server. Run the authserver (bnetserver on master) and worldserver to run your server. Both must stay running for your server to accept connections to it. Tip: The authserver (bnetserver on master) allows you to enter your username (email on master)/password to connect to the Realm Selection screen, and the worldserver allows you to connect to the realm itself. Once you are in-game, the authserver (bnetserver on master) can be safely closed if you wish. DO !NEVER! create an account directly into your database unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you know what and how to do! The "3" is the GM account level (higher numbers = more access), and the "-1" is the realm ID that stands for "all realms". ------------------------------------------------ Then after that it tells you to startup the worldserver and login using the account you just created?!?! Nowhere in there does it tell you HOW to create the account nor does it tell you how to set the GM access level other than the last line telling you that "3" is GM level... I had to experiment for 10 minutes to figure it out on my own but I was only able to do it because I was used to working in a similar environment with the EQ emulators... But looking back on it there is a very confusing and veiled comment to how the authserver allows you to create the account but it never says "Type this into the authserver command window to create your account" which would prevent a lot of confusion and questions being asked (especially since it should be typed into the worldserver window instead)... Then after telling you to start the worldserver and to create the account it tells you somewhat how to install the databases... Shouldn't the database install come BEFORE telling people how to create an account in the database?? All-in-all, other than downloading and compiling the core, the wiki and FAQ are mostly useless for new people for help... So far I have searched everywhere and I can't find the answer to one simple question that should be in a FAQ or guide somewhere, how to run server / GM commands in-game??? I am sure there is a way but have yet to discover it... IMHO to reduce the number of help posts and duplicates you really need to overhaul many of the newbie FAQ's and Wiki help / install sections with a good sense of how a person that has never worked with an emulator install before should proceed...
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