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  1. Hey, I'm new to WoW and not really an experienced programmer, but this project has caught my eye. So, I have some questions if someone wouldn't mind answering me. How is this core possible? From what I understand it is completely written from scratch and there aren't any source code leaks from blizz. I'm curious about how the connection between the client and the server is made - since the client is unmodified and we don't have the source for it. All the content Blizzard created... is it integrated into this core? I mean, I'm sure that no one rewrote all the quests, all the respawn position for the mobs, etc. Maybe this data is stored in the client and not the server how I thought... I'd appreciate if you could provide some more information about the making of Trinity Core. It's an interesting subject to talk about.Thank you!
  2. Thx, compiled it. But what about the client. Where can I download 3.3.5a (12340). I searched quite a lot and found some working download links for 3.3.5a but I'm not sure if they will work properly since I haven't seen a patch number (like 12340). Could you provide me a link, I'll be very grateful ! Edit: Guess I found it. https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=RnM7&id=0B4dwW8TOxn5dckRENjlTa3Uxc2c
  3. Saw that you modified "Not recommanded: Ubnutu older than 16.04" So 17.10 should work? I find it easier just to update my OS than to replace it. Also just got familiarized with ubuntu... Looking forward for your answer.
  4. Im gonna try with ububtu 14.04 and boost 1.55 then.. Be back with an edit probably tomorrow.
  5. So what should we do to compile on ubuntu 16.04 amd64 ? Im using clang 3.8.0 and boost 1.58, but I have the same error as above: I'm new to Linux so maybe should I start with another distribution? Like Debian, so I'll have no problems at compilation ?
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