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  1. https://agathe-kerberos.webnode.com/ This is what I am working on for my server atm, it's gonna not have any paid for service crap
  2. After that, I am having the same authentication issues attempting to make a legion 7.3.5 server
  3. I have the same issue, you can update the server by updating the realmlist game build
  4. Now it is back to just being stuck at saying "logging in to game server" again but has already failed in the World Server saying "Authentication for account --- has failed"
  5. Just says Connecting forever now, before, it would just say "logging" / "logging in" forever
  6. This was when I uses but tried using the login service port on the realmlist config file
  7. I am having the same issue, I feel like you guys have been getting somewhere with this topic, think you guys could post more? haha. I will do what I can as well if info is needed, but in reality, I am just having the same problems as MDK
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