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  1. Modify the configuration files in the following way: (specifying the path of the Source folder (downloaded via git)) bnetserver.conf SourceDirectory = "D:/Source815example/" Updates.EnableDatabases = 1 worldserver.conf SourceDirectory = "D:/Source815example/" Updates.EnableDatabases = 15 Run the server and the updates will be autoapplied .
  2. If you can not apply the updates .sql is because you are using mysql 5.5, you need to update to mysql 5.6 and re-create the database. But a lot of work is still missing for a DB 8.1.5. From what I have tried, the "Pandaren" have npcs but do not have quests, and the "Demon Hunter" do not have npcs (the classic races seem to work a little better). Good luck
  3. About the configuration, two topics below I answered how to configure the addresses to play in LAN. Try to see if it works for you. If it does not work, then the problem is connection blocked by a firewall or similar.
  4. I do not know, with arctiumlauncher works perfectly for me. Have you tried modifying the ip address in the file "WTF/Config .wtf" What is your SO? Some ppl with Linux have the same problem.
  5. I know, the master branch is not the cleanest but I thought the number of failures was excessive, but if it is normal, there is nothing to worry about. Thanks, I'm more relaxed knowing that I was not the one who broke something.
  6. TDB 735.00 + source updates included with the latest Master:6b29c4da76fbdcb55b4a89f485a5cff58c4296b9 Maybe with the client "engb" or "enus" when extracting the DBC files it gives less errors, but I do not have time to be testing and extracting.. I asked if it only happens for extracting DBCs from the client "eses" or its happening this to all.
  7. Yes, the IP configuration is the same for all servers including 3.3.5 or 8.1.5.
  8. Try this: In your bnetserver.conf LoginREST.ExternalAddress=192.x.x.x LoginREST.LocalAddress=192.x.x.x In the database (realmlist) address 192.x.x.x localAddress And in the client files (WTF/Config.wtf) On your computer with server: SET portal "" Others LAN clients: SET portal "192.x.x.x" That's how I play Lan with my girlfriend
  9. Hi! Can someone tell me if it's normal? I have some errors in Server.log file, but I think it's normal or acceptable. But in DBErrors.log it has too many errors (41410 lines ) and it does not seem normal. I'm using the latest: Master: 6b29c4da76fbdcb55b4a89f485a5cff58c4296b9 And I have generated the files dbc, cameras, gt, maps, mmaps and vmaps.. with client (esES), and of course I have set "DBC.Locale = 6" in to "worldserver.conf" Could it be that the problem is due to the language of the client and the extracted dbc? or have I done something wrong? Thanks
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