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  1. kinda figured it out but all the skills all reset to 1/75 after i log out and back in which isn't to much a problem for crafting (at first atlest) but it is for gathering. At this point im just gonna head back to 3.3.5
  2. sigh i just cant get it to work, i got an addon to show them all the professions "Titan Panel" but when i log out and back in one or more of them gives an "blocked from an action only available to the blizzard UI´╗┐" error. the rest get locked at 0/0 and i ether cant make anything or i can make just one thing but level wont go up
  3. Thanks for the fast response, is there any particularter addon i need or you suggest? Everyone i try ether dosent have all the professions or gives an "blocked from an action only available to the blizzard UI" error
  4. Hello still new here, Anyone know how to set up more then 2 professions on the 8.2.0 master build? The "spell book" only holds the skills for 2 Professions, iv tryed editing the config "cranked it to 11" but it wont show anymore. The only slight loop hole i found is to add each Profession one by one and add the spells to the hot bar before adding the next Profession
  5. hello, new here, does that mean you cant have say one server running the two versions of WoW (ie 3.3.5 and master) not necessarily at the same time mind you, that the client changes would not allow for both to work (sorry if this is a stupid question like i said im new) if so is there a way to easy switch between the 2?
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