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  1. Ive downloaded a trinity core repack and got everything set up, Ive portforwarded both port 3724 and 8085 with the external ip as the one i got from whatsmyip.org. and internal ip from the ipv4 address i found from ipconfig. Ive also put the ip from whatsmyip.org in the realmlist in the database. I changed the realmlist.wtf in the data/enUS folder to that ip too. When i run the mysql.bat, then the authserver then the worldserver, I start my 3.3.5 wow client up and I notice that there is no server name, and when i try to log in to the account i created it says connecting for a good minute before giving me the unable to connect message. I'm not sure what im doing wrong authserver.conf worldserver.conf
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