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  1. Hey Skipper, Thanks for the info, I have disabled the firewall and Windows defender on the server also double checked the IP and it is correct. Still unable to connect from my client machine unfortunately. Not sure if this would cause issue, but it is a virtual machine running on ESXI 6.7. I have also disabled all the firewall settings on the ESXI box and still unable to get past the realm selection loop.
  2. For some reason I am stuck on the realm selection screen when trying to connect to my server (3.3.5) over local LAN. I have changed the realmlist IP in the DB to my servers IP and changed the realmlist.wtf file to my server IP on the machine I am trying to connect from. Ports (8085 and 3724) are open in firewall on server. Have also added port forwarding in my router. Any steps I should try?
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