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  1. Another update, After a lot of googling and looking around I came across a really neat GitHub I believe you contribute to it as well @Shauren . https://github.com/wowdev/WoWDBDefs/tree/master/definitions Correct me if I am wrong, but I can use those file structs in Here assuming they have the correct structures for classic live (ver not entirely sure they do. Either way I seem to be getting errors with the DB2Meta Field Array... errors like expect 5 got 6 or argument index out of range. I have updated my layout hashes for structs as well
  2. @Shauren, Thought I'd just give you a little update. The first issue I ran into was casc not finding my Data file... this took me some playing around to figure out but.. Changing the CascProduct value from "wow" to "wow_classic" seemed to get me past that speed bump. Secondly, as you mentioned the sig check for WDC / 1SLC simply changed the error message to print the header signature and got, 1129075505 --- Not entirely sure if the std::to_string() method changed it from hex or anything like that ... But it seems to be working for now. The errors that are currently killing me are : -Map & DBC Extractor- Fatal error: Invalid CinematicCamera.db2 file format! SUCCESS Incorrect layout hash in FileDataId: 1294214, expected 0x7BA7D9AC, got 0x20C5E540 (possibly wrong client version) -VMAP data extractor- Detected client build: 38475 Extracting GameObject models... Fatal error: Invalid GameObjectDisplayInfo.db2 file format! of course then VMap assembler and MMAP generator both error out... I am assuming this is the whole file structure issue you mentioned earlier.. Could you maybe point me in the right direction on how to get the correct file structure. Also, not sure if you'd at all like to PM me discord (might just be a little easier than going back on forth on the forums-- Of course don't feel pressured) MrFade#5779 Thanks !
  3. @Shauren Thanks for the quick response mate. I know that classic is based off 7.3 (give or take) so my first thought was to just try looking for an older version of trinity but probably not the wisest move. with regards to the db2 reader, Just did a quick read over the source of DB2FileLoader.cpp honestly a little intimidated with all that. Could you throw me a bone and give me a good starting point, or perhaps a source to get a bit more info ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello guys, Just playing around with trinity core recently got it to compile perfectly... Managed to use the MMAP extractor on shadowlands and everything perfectly, Was just wondering if it is at all possible to use the same method on classic wow If so what branch would I need to use 3.3.5 or shadows lands (master) Any input would be greatly appreciated Thanks !
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