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  1. Everything is working as it should now. It runs, people connect, and everything is beautiful. Now I'm just researching how to fix various bugs I'm finding, bugs that are already listed/aren't actually bugs. Things like getting ICC finished, a few bugs in DK quests I've found, etc. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Okay, I've run into another problem. Everything is running great when I play locally, but when I try to set it up for players to connect over the internet it doesn't work. I've gone into my realmlist table and changed the address field to my public IP, and I changed my realmlist for my client to match. I also opened up the port listed in the realmlist table in my firewall. When I try to log in it says it cannot connect. From what I understand I've done everything right. Thanks for any help, as usual. Edit: I have also forwarded ports in my modem
  3. Okay, thanks guys. I think MySQL 5.1 did the trick. I haven't been able to log into my game with an account yet, but the server seems to be running. I can't figure out how to encrypt my password for the account for the sha_pass_hash field in the accounts table.
  4. Hacker - I'll see if I can figure out the debugging thing. I'm not much of a coder, so it might take a bit to figure out for me. Killradio - Yep, I'm using OpenSSL 64 bit. I'll try switching to MySQL 5.1, but I don't believe my database is the problem. I can log in and see everything there already. Just can't get the trinity part running.
  5. .Net 3.5 didn't fix it, and the link, though it had good information, was not helpful to me either. I compiled with VS 2010 Professional, and it has 64 bit support in it already. Unless I missed the point of the link?
  6. Thank you for the speedy replies. I have .net 4 already, but I will give 3.5 a shot. I will also check out that link. If I still have issues I'll head back over here. Thanks again!
  7. Okay, I've been trying to figure this out for a couple of days on my own, but I really don't have a clue where I went wrong. I followed the guide listed here. I had no problems anywhere throughout the process. I pulled the source with GitExtensions. I ran CMake, and since I'm using MySQL 5.5 I did not include WITH_MYSQL_SOURCES, and I did pick the proper path to my git.exe at the bottom. I then generated, and ensured that I chose the right version of Visual Studio. I compiled the source with VS with no problems. I copied the proper files from MySQL and OpenSSL into the build/bin/release folder. I used TortoiseHG to clone the repository, installed MySQL Server as per the specifications listed. I then set up the databases as described, extracted DBC, maps, and vmaps and moved the maps, DBC, vmaps, and buildings folders to build/bin/release. I renamed worldserver.conf.dist to worldserver.conf, and authserver.conf.dist to authserver.conf. I changed the lines required to my logon and password I use to access my databases. Since I'm only connecting locally, I left the realmlist table's address set to According to this guide, everything is set up properly, but when I try to run authserver.exe or worldserver.exe the command prompt pops up completely empty and a window tells me "The application was unable to start correctly (0x000007b). Click OK to close the application." I'm using Windows 7 64bit, and the 64bit versions of all software required in this process. If someone could help me to troubleshoot what's going wrong, I would be very grateful. Also, if this helps, I am able to log into my database server, and auth, world, and characters are all there. Thanks!
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