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  1. @llars Nope, it was removed. @Ncognito Reading and stuff.. "0 failed"
  2. You guys are sure you chose "Visual Studio 10 Win64" as cmake generator target? Also, commenting out the else tree of an if switch doesn't suddenly make the if condition become true. So you're basically creating a mess.
  3. This is only of interest if you're planning to push commits to remote locations like github.
  4. Start by fixing your git setup. http://www.trinitycore.org/f/index.php?/topic/345-howto-properly-install-git-on-windows/
  5. If things like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd" show up in your PATH variable and that folder also contains the executables/scripts everything should work fine.
  6. What does entering echo %PATH% in a command window return to you?
  7. Requirements: Msysgit can either by acquired directly from git for windows or using the "SetupComplete" package from GitExtensions. Msysgit version required: 1.7+ Minimum required TC rev: b2404c1a26d9 (10997) Setup options: During the setup wizard you will encounter the following screen: Make sure your git executable is added to the PATH variable by choosing one of the green marked options. Fixes "Missing or outdated git - did you forget to install a recent version?"
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