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  1. Is it a problem with my client? Because i am not having the same problem with the mangos 4.3.4 extractors. Damnit US and your copyright problems. I wish a link to the 15595 vmaps and maps be made available but hidden so it solves both our problem and the communities problem. Its not like you guys have never pirated before.
  2. I have built the solution in release mode and attempted to use the maps and vmaps extractors in the world of warcraft directory. The map extractor works fine, but the vmaps extractor, a file called "vmap4extractor.exe" is crashing on startup with the following image: Would anyone know a solution to this problem? My wow client version is 4.3.4 (15595). EDIT: seems the problem is vmaps extractors do not support 4.3.4 yet.
  3. Damn it to hell, i switched to IP Board mobile because i was curious. Now i can't change back!
  4. I don't think its possible. well, if they adapted Xeons Scripting project it would be but they did not
  5. many thanks,11484 stable with patches AC and Jail and external custom ones and creature stage class also around (89)players online and max (103)
  6. Belove, you mind sticking to the description ? can you tell us the hash , db version , max players and online players atm
  7. i think jonkopinx is not being truthful.
  8. your first post is a stable update ? +1 btw this is actually for newbies, not production server admins. because i can say that rev 99x is stable with 100k players , but without proof and it would still count because no proof of stability is requested due to people with small lan based servers not caring as much.
  9. Aokromes , many thanks on your continuous stable updates , the thing we need is Online players : Max online : Hash of rev : Number of rev : db version : patches applied : if its not to much troubles. maestro - many thanks , 1000 players is a great number for 1 day uptime.
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