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    After compiling the latest master version and downloading the latest client code, attempts to generate maps, dbc, vmaps, etc are unsuccessful due to conflicts between client version 7.3.0 vs Trinity master at 7.2.5. Is there a ballpark date on when the server will be updated to 7.3.0? Thank you.
  2. I downloaded the client yesterday afternoon and see that the current release level is at, which apparently includes a patch release beyond Trinity's server release level. Can (1) the latest patch be backed out, or if not (as I suspect is the case), (2) is there a way to download the client and "force it" to not progress beyond the level ? Thank you.
  3. Thank you Shauren for the fix - I gave up after 2 weeks of frustration with other viewers' suggestions which did not solve my problem. I do appreciate all responses, however, in that some of the suggestions did help me to clean up some database discrepancies. Anyway, after substituting in the wtf file, lo and behold, magic coalesced into success and I am one very happy 75 year old camper.
  4. I'd been running the x64 version of the 6.2.3 client and previous Trinity server compilation successfully for the past month or 2. But, after March 24th I was unable to log in to my 64-bit client (although I in no way used or attempted their launcher - all client runs were executed via the "wow-64_patched.exe" file). I suspect that somehow Blz somehow could see that there was a patch difference in my client version vs their latest patch. So after numerous unsuccessful attempts at logging in to client, I updated the client patchwise from client source, waited for Trinity Server update, and built, recompiled 64-bit version (successfully), as of a few days ago. I ran server, installed "bnetaccount create test@test test", modified the client's config.wtf file, then pasted the new patcher file into the client folder, and dragged wow-64.exe over the patcher, then ran the "wow-64_patched.exe" executable - which resulted in bringing up the latest 6.2.4 21355 client. But, I have not been able to successfully log in to the client with the new configuration. The client response continues to be: "Unable to connect. Please try again later. If this problem, please contact technical support at: .... .... index.xml?gameld=11&rootCategoryld=2316] (BLZ51901002)" I've uninstalled the client and BNet accounts, reinstalled same and gone through pretty much the same process again with exactly the same result. I'm really at a standstill at this point - please help!
  5. I have a question that has been an issue for me ever since the project has required connecting to the current client, downloading it and using this as basis for the now "default" 6.x client software. The question is: how do I control the one-time client connection such that the client level downloaded matches the current level required for use by Trinity's server (since it appears that the client level always appears to be one or more patch releases beyond that supported by the latest Trinity server release? Thank you for your attention (and thank you for the excellent "product" that you have painstakingly developed for the community).
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