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  1. If no way to compile it with mingw,I only install VS…… Thanks for your advice!
  2. operation system: windows xp sp3 compiler: mingw for windows 5.1.6 cmake: cmake-2.8.4-win32-x86.exe db: mysql 5.1.4 openssl: openssl-0.9.8h-1-bin.zip ======================================= cmake option: source code folder: H:/TrinityCore-TrinityCore-63508fd binaries folder: H:/Temp/TC Mingw Makefiles ... the first time configure: one error: "cmake/xxxx.c" file not exists! (don't exists at all!) but when i configure again,that error not appear…… So i use the mingw to compile it: cmd line:mingw32-make -C H:/Temp/TC -f Makefile ... but one error occur: ... [ 0%]Building CXX object dep/acelite/ace/CMakeFiles/ace.dir/PrecompiledHeaders/WinAcePCH.cpp.obj G__~1.EXE: /MP: No such file or directory ... why it happen? just not on linux? Thank you very much! (The How-to:Win only use Visual C++, i don't want to install such huge and slow IDE...)
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