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  1. rebuilt data same results. I've been in the starting areas for all races, most of kalimdor. Same issues.
  2. Yes I triple checked that it was in the same place i defined in the config files. I did make a bash script similar to the one you are using. login as: robby [email protected]'s password: Welcome to Ubuntu 15.10 (GNU/Linux 4.2.0-16-generic x86_64) * Documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/ Last login: Sun Dec 20 21:23:24 2015 from [email protected]:~$ cd Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/ bin/ conf/ data/ Source/ [email protected]:~$ cd Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/data/ [email protected]:~/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/data$ ls dbc maps mmaps vmaps [email protected]:~/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/data$ cd m maps/ mmaps/ [email protected]:~/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/data$ cd mmaps/ [email protected]:~/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/data/mmaps$ ls 0002239.mmtile 0012437.mmtile 2303131.mmtile 5332541.mmtile 5722829.mmtile 0002240.mmtile 0012438.mmtile 2303132.mmtile 5332542.mmtile 5722830.mmtile 0002336.mmtile 0012439.mmtile 230.mmap 5332637.mmtile 5722927.mmtile 0002337.mmtile 0012440.mmtile 2493131.mmtile 5332638.mmtile 5722928.mmtile 0002338.mmtile 0012441.mmtile 2493132.mmtile 5332639.mmtile 5722929.mmtile 0002339.mmtile 0012442.mmtile 2493231.mmtile 5332640.mmtile 5722930.mmtile 0002340.mmtile 0012443.mmtile 2493232.mmtile 5332641.mmtile 5723027.mmtile 0002341.mmtile 0012444.mmtile 249.mmap 5332642.mmtile 5723028.mmtile 0002434.mmtile 0012445.mmtile 2693417.mmtile 5332737.mmtile 5723029.mmtile 0002435.mmtile 0012446.mmtile 2693418.mmtile 5332738.mmtile 5723127.mmtile 0002436.mmtile 0012447.mmtile 2693419.mmtile 5332739.mmtile 5723128.mmtile 0002437.mmtile 0012526.mmtile 2693517.mmtile 5332740.mmtile 5723129.mmtile 0002438.mmtile 0012527.mmtile 2693518.mmtile 5332741.mmtile 572.mmap 0002439.mmtile 0012528.mmtile 2693519.mmtile 5332742.mmtile 5742828.mmtile 0002440.mmtile 0012529.mmtile 2693617.mmtile 533.mmap 5742829.mmtile 0002441.mmtile 0012530.mmtile 2693618.mmtile 5342034.mmtile 5742830.mmtile 0002442.mmtile 0012531.mmtile 2693619.mmtile 5342035.mmtile 5742834.mmtile 0002443.mmtile 0012532.mmtile 269.mmap 5342036.mmtile 5742928.mmtile 0002528.mmtile 0012533.mmtile 2892930.mmtile 5342037.mmtile 5742929.mmtile 0002529.mmtile 0012534.mmtile 2892931.mmtile 5342038.mmtile 5742931.mmtile 0002530.mmtile 0012535.mmtile 2892932.mmtile 5342039.mmtile 5742932.mmtile 0002531.mmtile 0012536.mmtile 2892933.mmtile 5342134.mmtile 5742933.mmtile 0002532.mmtile 0012537.mmtile 2893030.mmtile 5342135.mmtile 5742934.mmtile 0002533.mmtile 0012538.mmtile 2893031.mmtile 5342136.mmtile 5743028.mmtile 0002534.mmtile 0012539.mmtile 2893032.mmtile 5342137.mmtile 5743030.mmtile 0002535.mmtile 0012540.mmtile 2893033.mmtile 5342138.mmtile 5743031.mmtile 0002536.mmtile 0012541.mmtile 2893130.mmtile 5342139.mmtile 5743032.mmtile 0002537.mmtile 0012542.mmtile 2893131.mmtile 5342234.mmtile 5743033.mmtile 0002538.mmtile 0012543.mmtile 2893132.mmtile 5342235.mmtile 5743034.mmtile 0002539.mmtile 0012544.mmtile 2893133.mmtile 5342236.mmtile 5743130.mmtile 0002540.mmtile 0012545.mmtile 2893230.mmtile 5342237.mmtile 5743131.mmtile 0002541.mmtile 0012546.mmtile 2893231.mmtile 5342238.mmtile 5743132.mmtile 0002542.mmtile 0012547.mmtile 2893232.mmtile 5342239.mmtile 5743133.mmtile 0002543.mmtile 0012626.mmtile 2893233.mmtile 5342334.mmtile 5743134.mmtile 0002544.mmtile 0012627.mmtile 289.mmap 5342335.mmtile 5743230.mmtile 0002627.mmtile 0012628.mmtile 3095233.mmtile 5342336.mmtile 5743231.mmtile 0002628.mmtile 0012629.mmtile 3095234.mmtile 5342337.mmtile 5743232.mmtile 0002629.mmtile 0012630.mmtile 3095235.mmtile 5342338.mmtile 5743233.mmtile 0002630.mmtile 0012631.mmtile 3095236.mmtile 5342339.mmtile 5743234.mmtile 0002631.mmtile 0012632.mmtile 3095237.mmtile 5342434.mmtile 5743330.mmtile 0002632.mmtile 0012633.mmtile 3095333.mmtile 5342435.mmtile 5743331.mmtile 0002633.mmtile 0012634.mmtile 3095334.mmtile 5342436.mmtile 5743332.mmtile 0002634.mmtile 0012635.mmtile 3095335.mmtile 5342437.mmtile 5743333.mmtile 0002635.mmtile 0012636.mmtile 3095336.mmtile 5342438.mmtile 5743334.mmtile 0002636.mmtile 0012637.mmtile 3095337.mmtile 5342439.mmtile 5743430.mmtile 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0012436.mmtile 2303032.mmtile 5332540.mmtile 5722828.mmtile [email protected]:~/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/data/mmaps$
  3. OS: Ubuntu 15.10 Server 64-bit Trinity Core: 335:60 For some reason my mmaps will not load. They are enabled in the configs. I used the extractor from the git hub. I am currently remaking the files (3+ hours till I know the result) but does anyone have any ideas? login as: robby [email protected]'s password: Welcome to Ubuntu 15.10 (GNU/Linux 4.2.0-16-generic x86_64) * Documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/ Last login: Sun Dec 20 00:40:22 2015 from [email protected]:~$ screen Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/bin/authserver TrinityCore rev. 54424aff3051 2015-12-12 18:00:22 +0100 (3.3.5 branch) (Unix, Release) (authserver) <Ctrl-C> to stop. Using configuration file /home/robby/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/conf/authserver.conf. Using SSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015 (library: OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015) Using Boost version: 1.58.0 Opening DatabasePool 'auth'. Asynchronous connections: 1, synchronous connections: 1. MySQL client library: 5.6.27 MySQL server ver: 5.6.27-0ubuntu1 Connected to MySQL database at MySQL client library: 5.6.27 MySQL server ver: 5.6.27-0ubuntu1 Connected to MySQL database at DatabasePool 'auth' opened successfully. 2 total connections running. Updating Auth database... >> Auth database is up-to-date! Containing 1 new and 8 archived updates. Started auth database connection pool. Updating Realm List... Added realm "Trinity" at TrinityCore rev. 54424aff3051 2015-12-12 18:00:22 +0100 (3.3.5 branch) (Unix, Release) (worldserver-daemon) <Ctrl-C> to stop. ______ __ /\__ _\ __ __/\ \__ \/_/\ \/ _ __ /\_\ ___ /\_\ \, _\ __ __ \ \ \/\`'__\/\ \ /' _ `\/\ \ \ \/ /\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \ \/ \ \ \/\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \_\ \ \_\ \ \ \_\ \_\ \ \_\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \__\\/`____ \ \/_/\/_/ \/_/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/__/ `/___/> \ C O R E /\___/ http://TrinityCore.org \/__/ Using configuration file /home/robby/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/conf/worldserver.conf. Using SSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015 (library: OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015) Using Boost version: 1.58.0 Updating Auth database... >> Auth database is up-to-date! Containing 1 new and 8 archived updates. Updating Character database... >> Character database is up-to-date! Containing 1 new and 12 archived updates. Updating World database... >> World database is up-to-date! Containing 40 new and 882 archived updates. Realm running as realm ID 1 Using World DB: TDB 335.60 Will clear `logs` table of entries older than 1209600 seconds every 10 minutes. Using DataDir /home/robby/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/data/ WORLD: MMap data directory is: /home/robby/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/data/mmaps VMap support included. LineOfSight: 1, getHeight: 1, indoorCheck: 1 VMap data directory is: /home/robby/Games/Server/WoW/3.3.5a/data/vmaps Loading Trinity strings... >> Loaded 1032 trinity strings in 2 ms Initialize data stores... >> Initialized 109 data stores in 639 ms Using enUS DBC Locale as default. All available DBC locales: enUS Loading SpellInfo store... >> Loaded SpellInfo store in 77 ms Loading SpellInfo corrections... >> Loaded SpellInfo corrections in 11 ms Loading SkillLineAbilityMultiMap Data... >> Loaded 10219 SkillLineAbility MultiMap Data in 3 ms Loading SpellInfo custom attributes... >> Loaded 169 spell custom attributes from DB in 0 ms >> Loaded SpellInfo custom attributes in 33 ms Loading GameObject models... Loading Script Names... >> Loaded 2413 ScriptNames in 181 ms Loading Instance Template... >> Loaded 83 instance templates in 2 ms Loading instances... >> Loaded instances in 3 ms Loading Broadcast texts... >> Loaded 73039 broadcast texts in 341 ms >> Loaded 73039 broadcast text locales in 683 ms Loading Localization strings... >> Loaded 27246 creature locale strings in 486 ms >> Loaded 19668 gameobject_template_locale strings in 322 ms >> Loaded 38111 Item locale strings in 270 ms >> Loaded 2481 Item set name locale strings in 10 ms >> Loaded 9464 Quest locale strings in 304 ms >> Loaded 1946 PageText locale strings in 23 ms >> Loaded 453 points_of_interest locale strings in 2 ms >> Localization strings loaded in 1420 ms Loading Account Roles and Permissions... >> Loaded 639 permission definitions, 622 linked permissions and 4 default permissions in 4 ms Loading Page Texts... >> Loaded 1951 page texts in 6 ms Loading Game Object Templates... >> Loaded 21509 game object templates in 183 ms Loading Transport templates... >> Loaded 30 transport templates in 47 ms Loading Spell Rank Data... >> Loaded 3464 spell rank records in 11 ms Loading Spell Required Data... >> Loaded 41 spell required records in 0 ms Loading Spell Group types... >> Loaded 531 spell group definitions in 2 ms Loading Spell Learn Skills... >> Loaded 99 Spell Learn Skills from DBC in 25 ms Loading Spell Learn Spells... >> Loaded 8 spell learn spells + 574 found in DBC in 5 ms Loading Spell Proc Event conditions... >> Loaded 732 extra spell proc event conditions in 3 ms Loading Spell Proc conditions and data... >> Loaded 0 spell proc conditions and data. DB table `spell_proc` is empty. Loading Spell Bonus Data... >> Loaded 336 extra spell bonus data in 2 ms Loading Aggro Spells Definitions... >> Loaded 106 SpellThreatEntries in 0 ms Loading Spell Group Stack Rules... >> Loaded 59 spell group stack rules in 1 ms Loading NPC Texts... >> Loaded 8225 npc texts in 167 ms Loading Enchant Spells Proc datas... >> Loaded 42 enchant proc data definitions in 1 ms Loading Item Random Enchantments Table... >> Loaded 28607 Item Enchantment definitions in 53 ms Loading Disables >> Loaded 806 disables in 2 ms Loading Items... Item (Entry: 101) does not have a correct material (4), must be 7 . Item (Entry: 101) does not have a correct inventory type (11), must be 4 . Item (Entry: 101) does not have a correct display id (224), must be 373 . Item (Entry: 101) has deprecated stat_type5 (41) Item (Entry: 102) does not have a correct material (4), must be 7 . Item (Entry: 102) does not have a correct inventory type (11), must be 6 . Item (Entry: 102) does not have a correct display id (224), must be 4523 . Item (Entry: 102) has deprecated stat_type10 (42) >> Loaded 38609 item templates in 1249 ms Loading Item set names... >> Loaded 2481 item set names in 8 ms Loading Creature Model Based Info Data... >> Loaded 24143 creature model based info in 63 ms Loading Creature templates... >> Loaded 29923 creature definitions in 584 ms Loading Equipment templates... >> Loaded 10687 equipment templates in 26 ms Loading Creature template addons... >> Loaded 8216 creature template addons in 23 ms Loading Reputation Reward Rates... >> Loaded 14 reputation_reward_rate in 1 ms Loading Creature Reputation OnKill Data... >> Loaded 2024 creature award reputation definitions in 7 ms Loading Reputation Spillover Data... >> Loaded 26 reputation_spillover_template in 0 ms Loading Points Of Interest Data... >> Loaded 453 Points of Interest definitions in 2 ms Loading Creature Base Stats... >> Loaded 400 creature base stats in 8 ms Loading Creature Data... >> Loaded 145913 creatures in 1753 ms Loading Temporary Summon Data... >> Loaded 356 temp summons in 2 ms Loading pet levelup spells... >> Loaded 993 pet levelup and default spells for 39 families in 7 ms Loading pet default spells additional to levelup spells... >> Loaded addition spells for 111 pet spell data entries in 3 ms Loading summonable creature templates... >> Loaded 397 summonable creature templates in 31 ms Loading Creature Addon Data... >> Loaded 34915 creature addons in 96 ms Loading Gameobject Data... >> Loaded 87074 gameobjects in 1326 ms Loading GameObject Addon Data... >> Loaded 4 gameobject addons in 1 ms Loading GameObject Quest Items... >> Loaded 857 gameobject quest items in 3 ms Loading Creature Quest Items... >> Loaded 4391 creature quest items in 8 ms Loading Creature Linked Respawn... >> Loaded 5688 linked respawns in 11 ms Loading Weather Data... >> Loaded 35 weather definitions in 1 ms Loading Quests... >> Loaded 9464 quests definitions in 397 ms Checking Quest Disables >> Checked 661 quest disables in 1 ms Loading Quest POI >> Loaded 18759 quest POI definitions in 177 ms Loading Quests Starters and Enders... Loading GO Start Quest Data... >> Loaded 446 quest relations from gameobject_queststarter in 3 ms Loading GO End Quest Data... >> Loaded 456 quest relations from gameobject_questender in 2 ms Loading Creature Start Quest Data... >> Loaded 7513 quest relations from creature_queststarter in 28 ms Loading Creature End Quest Data... >> Loaded 7878 quest relations from creature_questender in 31 ms Loading Objects Pooling Data... >> Loaded 3040 objects pools in 5 ms Loading Creatures Pooling Data... >> Loaded 917 creatures in pools in 2 ms Loading Gameobject Pooling Data... >> Loaded 24084 gameobject in pools in 50 ms Loading Mother Pooling Data... >> Loaded 2269 pools in mother pools in 11 ms Loading Quest Pooling Data... >> Loaded 163 quests in pools in 1 ms Starting objects pooling system... Loading Game Event Data... >> Loaded 66 game events in 0 ms Loading Game Event Saves Data... >> Loaded 0 game event saves in game events. DB table `game_event_save` is empty. Loading Game Event Prerequisite Data... >> Loaded 0 game event prerequisites in game events. DB table `game_event_prerequisite` is empty. Loading Game Event Creature Data... >> Loaded 8401 creatures in game events in 15 ms Loading Game Event GO Data... >> Loaded 23145 gameobjects in game events in 37 ms Loading Game Event Model/Equipment Change Data... >> Loaded 9 model/equipment changes in game events in 1 ms Loading Game Event Quest Data... >> Loaded 211 quests additions in game events in 0 ms Loading Game Event GO Quest Data... >> Loaded 78 quests additions in game events in 1 ms Loading Game Event Quest Condition Data... >> Loaded 0 quest event conditions in game events. DB table `game_event_quest_condition` is empty. Loading Game Event Condition Data... >> Loaded 0 conditions in game events. DB table `game_event_condition` is empty. Loading Game Event Condition Save Data... >> Loaded 0 condition saves in game events. DB table `game_event_condition_save` is empty. Loading Game Event NPCflag Data... >> Loaded 5 npcflags in game events in 0 ms Loading Game Event Seasonal Quest Relations... >> Loaded 690 quests additions in game events in 1 ms Loading Game Event Vendor Additions Data... >> Loaded 14 vendor additions in game events in 1 ms Loading Game Event Battleground Data... >> Loaded 6 battleground holidays in game events in 0 ms Loading Game Event Pool Data... >> Loaded 8 pools for game events in 0 ms Loading UNIT_NPC_FLAG_SPELLCLICK Data... >> Loaded 322 spellclick definitions in 4 ms Loading Vehicle Template Accessories... >> Loaded 179 Vehicle Template Accessories in 1 ms Loading Vehicle Accessories... >> Loaded 0 Vehicle Accessories in 0 ms Loading SpellArea Data... >> Loaded 685 spell area requirements in 3 ms Loading AreaTrigger definitions... >> Loaded 275 area trigger teleport definitions in 2 ms Loading Access Requirements... >> Loaded 121 access requirement definitions in 1 ms Loading Quest Area Triggers... >> Loaded 61 quest trigger points in 1 ms Loading Tavern Area Triggers... >> Loaded 114 tavern triggers in 1 ms Loading AreaTrigger script names... >> Loaded 124 areatrigger scripts in 0 ms Loading LFG entrance positions... >> Loaded 18 lfg entrance positions in 1 ms Loading Dungeon boss data... >> Loaded 612 instance encounters in 2 ms Loading LFG rewards... >> Loaded 15 lfg dungeon rewards in 1 ms Loading Graveyard-zone links... >> Loaded 700 graveyard-zone links in 3 ms Loading spell pet auras... >> Loaded 47 spell pet auras in 0 ms Loading Spell target coordinates... >> Loaded 561 spell teleport coordinates in 3 ms Loading enchant custom attributes... >> Loaded 32 custom enchant attributes in 2 ms Loading linked spells... >> Loaded 435 linked spells in 1 ms Loading Player Create Data... >> Loaded 62 player create definitions in 1 ms Loading Player Create Items Data... >> Loaded 1 custom player create items in 0 ms Loading Player Create Skill Data... >> Loaded 1094 player create skills in 1 ms Loading Player Create Spell Data... >> Loaded 2680 custom player create spells in 2 ms Loading Player Create Action Data... >> Loaded 325 player create actions in 1 ms Loading Player Create Level HP/Mana Data... >> Loaded 800 level health/mana definitions in 2 ms Loading Player Create Level Stats Data... >> Loaded 4960 level stats definitions in 12 ms Loading Player Create XP Data... >> Loaded 79 xp for level definitions in 0 ms Loading Exploration BaseXP Data... >> Loaded 80 BaseXP definitions in 1 ms Loading Pet Name Parts... >> Loaded 313 pet name parts in 0 ms Loading the max pet number... >> Loaded the max pet number: 0 in 1 ms Loading pet level stats... >> Loaded 2480 level pet stats definitions in 8 ms Loading Player level dependent mail rewards... >> Loaded 24 level dependent mail rewards in 0 ms Loading creature loot templates... >> Loaded 336271 creature loot templates in 1203 ms Loading fishing loot templates... >> Loaded 246 fishing loot templates in 2 ms Loading gameobject loot templates... >> Loaded 18466 gameobject loot templates in 62 ms Loading item loot templates... >> Loaded 4968 item loot templates in 34 ms Loading mail loot templates... >> Loaded 90 mail loot templates in 1 ms Loading milling loot templates... >> Loaded 45 milling loot templates in 3 ms Loading pickpocketing loot templates... >> Loaded 11048 pickpocketing loot templates in 45 ms Loading skinning loot templates... >> Loaded 1900 skinning loot templates in 10 ms Loading disenchanting loot templates... >> Loaded 124 disenchanting loot templates in 6 ms Loading prospecting loot templates... >> Loaded 38 prospecting loot templates in 4 ms Loading spell loot templates... >> Loaded 170 spell loot templates in 27 ms Loading reference loot templates... >> Loaded refence loot templates in 68 ms Loading Skill Discovery Table... >> Loaded 347 skill discovery definitions in 5 ms Loading Skill Extra Item Table... >> Loaded 225 spell specialization definitions in 1 ms Loading Skill Perfection Data Table... >> Loaded 72 spell perfection definitions in 1 ms Loading Skill Fishing base level requirements... >> Loaded 93 areas for fishing base skill level in 0 ms Loading Achievements... >> Loaded 43 achievement references in 1 ms Loading Achievement Criteria Lists... >> Loaded 7655 achievement criteria in 1 ms Loading Achievement Criteria Data... >> Loaded 2666 additional achievement criteria data in 7 ms Loading Achievement Rewards... >> Loaded 112 achievement rewards in 1 ms Loading Achievement Reward Locales... >> Loaded 0 achievement reward locale strings. DB table `locales_achievement_reward` is empty Loading Completed Achievements... >> Loaded 0 realm first completed achievements in 1 ms Loading Item Auctions... >> Loaded 0 auction items. DB table `auctionhouse` or `item_instance` is empty! Loading Auctions... >> Loaded 0 auctions. DB table `auctionhouse` is empty. Loading Guilds... Loading guilds definitions... >> Loaded 0 guild definitions. DB table `guild` is empty. Loading ArenaTeams... >> Loaded 0 arena teams. DB table `arena_team` is empty! Loading Groups... >> Loaded 0 group definitions. DB table `groups` is empty! Loading ReservedNames... >> Loaded 0 reserved player names. DB table `reserved_name` is empty! Loading GameObjects for quests... >> Loaded 1795 GameObjects for quests in 3 ms Loading BattleMasters... >> Loaded 146 battlemaster entries in 4 ms Loading GameTeleports... >> Loaded 1424 GameTeleports in 8 ms Loading Gossip menu... >> Loaded 5634 gossip_menu entries in 9 ms Loading Gossip menu options... >> Loaded 3854 gossip_menu_option entries in 37 ms Loading Vendors... >> Loaded 37486 Vendors in 103 ms Loading Trainers... >> Loaded 80045 Trainers in 456 ms Loading Waypoints... >> Loaded 107817 waypoints in 507 ms Loading SmartAI Waypoints... >> Loaded 406 SmartAI waypoint paths (total 5029 waypoints) in 9 ms Loading Creature Formations... >> Loaded 997 creatures in formations in 4 ms Loading World States... >> Loaded 9 world states in 0 ms Loading Conditions... >> Loaded 12578 conditions in 57 ms Loading faction change achievement pairs... >> Loaded 125 faction change achievement pairs in 1 ms Loading faction change spell pairs... >> Loaded 107 faction change spell pairs in 1 ms Loading faction change quest pairs... >> Loaded 250 faction change quest pairs in 0 ms Loading faction change item pairs... >> Loaded 724 faction change item pairs in 2 ms Loading faction change reputation pairs... >> Loaded 15 faction change reputation pairs in 0 ms Loading faction change title pairs... >> Loaded 22 faction change title pairs in 1 ms Loading GM tickets... >> Loaded 0 GM tickets. DB table `gm_ticket` is empty! Loading GM surveys... >> Loaded GM Survey count from database in 1 ms Loading client addons... >> Loaded 23 known addons in 0 ms Returning old mails... >> No expired mails found. Loading Autobroadcasts... >> Loaded 0 autobroadcasts definitions. DB table `autobroadcast` is empty for this realm! Loading spell_scripts... >> Loaded 130 script definitions in 1 ms Loading event_scripts... >> Loaded 456 script definitions in 2 ms Loading waypoint_scripts... >> Loaded 678 script definitions in 3 ms Loading spell script names... >> Loaded 1489 spell script names in 5 ms Loading Creature Texts... >> Loaded 12038 creature texts for 2529 creatures in 80 ms Loading Creature Text Locales... >> Loaded 2 creature localized texts in 1 ms Initializing Scripts... Loading Script Waypoints for 74 creature(s)... >> Loaded 1973 Script Waypoint nodes in 10 ms Loading C++ scripts ScriptName 'internalitemhanler' exists in database, but no core script found! >> Loaded 2455 C++ scripts in 109 ms Validating spell scripts... >> Validated 1820 scripts in 3 ms Loading SmartAI scripts... >> Loaded SmartAIMgr Helpers in 12 ms >> Loaded 8933 SmartAI scripts in 215 ms Loading Calendar data... >> Loaded 0 calendar events >> Loaded 0 calendar invites Initialize game time and timers Mail timer set to: 1020, mail return is called every 1440 minutes Starting Map System Starting Game Event system... Initialize AuctionHouseBot... Starting Arena Season... Starting Battleground System >> Loaded 11 battlegrounds in 1 ms Starting Outdoor PvP System >> Loaded 6 outdoor PvP definitions in 0 ms Starting Battlefield System Could not load MMAP name:Northrend, id:571, x:22, y:26 (mmap rep.: x:22, y:26) Could not load MMAP name:Northrend, id:571, x:22, y:27 (mmap rep.: x:22, y:27) Could not load MMAP name:Northrend, id:571, x:21, y:26 (mmap rep.: x:21, y:26) Could not load MMAP name:Northrend, id:571, x:22, y:25 (mmap rep.: x:22, y:25) Could not load MMAP name:Northrend, id:571, x:21, y:27 (mmap rep.: x:21, y:27) Could not load MMAP name:Northrend, id:571, x:23, y:25 (mmap rep.: x:23, y:25) Could not load MMAP name:Northrend, id:571, x:23, y:28 (mmap rep.: x:23, y:28) Could not load MMAP name:Northrend, id:571, x:23, y:26 (mmap rep.: x:23, y:26) Loading Transports... >> Spawned 20 continent transports in 36 ms Loading Warden Checks... Loading Warden Action Overrides... Deleting expired bans... Calculate next daily quest reset time... Calculate next weekly quest reset time... Calculate next monthly quest reset time... Calculate random battleground reset time... Calculate guild limitation(s) reset time... Loading character info store Loaded character infos for 1 characters World initialized in 0 minutes 13 seconds TC>TrinityCore rev. 54424aff3051 2015-12-12 18:00:22 +0100 (3.3.5 branch) (Unix, Release) (worldserver-daemon) ready... TC>Could not load MMAP name:Kalimdor, id:1, x:17, y:36 (mmap rep.: x:17, y:36) Could not load MMAP name:Kalimdor, id:1, x:17, y:37 (mmap rep.: x:17, y:37) Could not load MMAP name:Kalimdor, id:1, x:17, y:35 (mmap rep.: x:17, y:35) Could not load MMAP name:Kalimdor, id:1, x:16, y:37 (mmap rep.: x:16, y:37) Could not load MMAP name:Kalimdor, id:1, x:16, y:36 (mmap rep.: x:16, y:36) Could not load MMAP name:Kalimdor, id:1, x:16, y:35 (mmap rep.: x:16, y:35) Could not load MMAP name:Kalimdor, id:1, x:18, y:36 (mmap rep.: x:18, y:36) Could not load MMAP name:Kalimdor, id:1, x:18, y:37 (mmap rep.: x:18, y:37)
  4. Just a quick question to make sure im not missing anything. I do know that it will auto update itself but if I wanted to do it by hand would this be the correct order backup (Conf/SQL) Pull Reop (git pull origin 3.3.5) Remake the source (Make clean, cmake, install) Apply all updates in update folder (Merge then apply to correct database) Would that be the correct order and am I missing anything? Also would it harm anything if I imported them multiple times IE: I updated it tonight merged all SQL files then in a week when new SQL files come merge everything again then apply?
  5. haha that would be easier huh xD that honestly slipped my mind. Thanks nay I'm testing my install now. I'll let you guys know how it goes.
  6. I did some digging. Looks like GIT_DIR=<dir-to-the-git-folder>/.git GIT_WORK_TREE=<dir-to-the-git-folder> git pull will do it but I will try when I get some. I'm writting myself a script to auto install all necessary things as well as TC 335a. Backup/update as well
  7. OS: Ubuntu 14.04 Server I know if I do git clone -b 3.3.5 git://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore.git ~/home/wow/source this will clone the 335 git to the source folder I'm not at home and am wondering will this do the same for pull IE: git pull origin 3.3.5 ~/home/wow/source Or do I need to go to that folder first?
  8. When making a post how do you create a hidden content (that menu to hide walls to text)?
  9. *smacks self in head* Thank you that makes sense now. I'll edit this post to let you know if it works. EDIT: it was a new char database EDIT: Replaced with original char database and worked great. Thank you this is now solved
  10. Today I grabbed the new sql updates from the git data base and ran them. On the character updates I was getting a lot of errors such as cannot drop column and unknown column. I ran all of the updates in the SQL. I am now presented with this login as: wutai [email protected]'s password: Linux ubuntu 2.6.35-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Sun Sep 19 20:32:27 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux Ubuntu 10.10 Welcome to Ubuntu! * Documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/ Last login: Sun Apr 17 18:04:07 2011 from [email protected]:~$ cd server/bin/ [email protected]:~/server/bin$ screen [detached from 1115.pts-0.ubuntu] [email protected]:~/server/bin$ screen MySQL server ver: 5.1.49-1ubuntu8.1 MySQL client library: 5.1.49 MySQL server ver: 5.1.49-1ubuntu8.1 Databasepool opened succesfuly. 2 total connections running. Opening databasepool 'characters'. Async threads: 1, synch threads: 2 MySQL client library: 5.1.49 MySQL server ver: 5.1.49-1ubuntu8.1 [ERROR]: In mysql_stmt_prepare() id: 32, sql: "SELECT arenaTeamId, weekGames, seasonGames, seasonWins, personalRating FROM arena_team_member WHERE guid = ?" [ERROR]: Unknown column 'personalRating' in 'field list' [ERROR]: In mysql_stmt_prepare() id: 185, sql: "UPDATE arena_team_member SET personalRating = ?, weekGames = ?, weekWins = ?, seasonGames = ?, seasonWins = ? WHERE arenaTeamId = ? AND guid = ?" [ERROR]: Unknown column 'personalRating' in 'field list' MySQL client library: 5.1.49 MySQL server ver: 5.1.49-1ubuntu8.1 MySQL client library: 5.1.49 MySQL server ver: 5.1.49-1ubuntu8.1 Databasepool opened succesfuly. 3 total connections running. Cannot connect to Character database;3306;(HIDDEN);(HIDDEN);characters ~DatabaseWorkerPool for ''. ~DatabaseWorkerPool for 'characters'. ~DatabaseWorkerPool for 'world'. These updates were ran from build TDB_335.11.39_2011_04_02. Any suggestions and thank you for your help in advance.
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