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  1. I Have a issue creating more GM Ranks, I added the ranks in the common.h, set each level and compiled, it would set me ingame to that rank, but no commands, when looking in the world Database in the command table, it doesnt show me what level is allowed to use the rank, is their a specific file i need to find to add the permissions to each rank?
  2. Fixed found that the addons table was emtpy.
  3. These are the banned messages i am getting.
  4. I do not have any custom addons for the client, but when joining it gives me a error that the Blizzard UI Achivements is banned, then if training, it says the training Ui has been banned. Any solves?
  5. Would anyone have a Client Link for Legion 7.3.5 and/or client link for 8.2.5 they are willing to share? (also is their a way to get the 7.3.5 Trinitycore Source as the one on the site is 8.2.5) Thanks been looking for it a while.
  6. Not sure if this issue is known or not, but when entering Legion, We cannot select PVP Talents, shows this error when selecting a Talent: Received not handled opcode [CMSG_LEARN_PVP_TALENTS 0x3549 (13641)] from [Player: **PlayerCharName** GUID Full: 0x08000400000000000000000000000001 Type: Player Entry: 0 Low: 1, Account: 1] I am also recieving in console errors for hunters pets. MoveSplineInitArgs::Validate: expression '_checkPathLengths()' failed for GUID Full: 0x280004000029B7400000000000000001 Type: Pet Pet number: 42717 Low: 1 Entry: 42717
  7. It may have been the Connection Patcher, I Deleted my local copy and redownloaded form server, after I Installed OpenSSL 64 and 32 and ran the patcher now i can connect, Question though, if i ran this (I didnt patch local copy of wow just a copy of if), I can still connect to retail version?
  8. Admins: Please do not remove this topic, I have searched the forum for this error, cannot find the speicific error I am having, i see 112 but not 114. This is the Error i am having, I did run the Connnection Patcher, and still Does not get it to work. This is My Local Config WTF, File. Server Setup is as Follows, Please note No Compile Errors happened, the only thing im worried is the "BNetServer.exe" is not seeing the worldserver when it starts up. Here is a Screenshot of both of the bnetserver.exe and the Worldserver.exe screens on my remove host. If you look at the top, it shows waiting for connections, I used to run trinity before with no issues, used to say "world server has connected to auth server" but i do not see this in this case. I was testing here to see if address would work, which they didnt. this is my external server IP, but yet it did not work Should i try This is my 2 IP's the main one to outside is the 218 Adapter. 152 i believe is my internal between servers (a VRack) And Lastly but not least, the config file where i bind my IP should i set this to my 218 IP? Please Read Moderators: I have Used the Search function on the website i'm not new to websites, and yet I have seen like 3 posts about the same thing but none of them where resolved, or noted what was done to fix the issue. Please do not remove my post, i would love to get this working. Thanks! Dont make me have to use Cute Cat meme's to beg cause i will! I hope this gives people enough information on what exactly can be my error. been working on this all day and night,
  9. When trying to onnect with 6.2.2 Build, it gives me a error and says Cannot connect to server. 1. I do not have Firewalls on box, box is a dedicated box hosted by a company. 2. All ports are open. 3. World Server / Bnet Server both say no errors. 4. I can connect Localy to the server, but not from a remote machine. Can anyone assist me?
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