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  1. I know this is an old post. But does anyone actually have the full database? e.g. the missing tables like armory_slots etc. would be much appreciated
  2. Hi there. I recently had to do various systems upgrades, and me being stupid, i ended up updating the mysql server i had installed to 5.7.25. This leds to trinitycore not running due to incompatible versions. However, I am unable to re-install version 5.6 sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.6 appears to be gone, and now refers to 5.7, according to my terminal. Am i missing something? I tried manually download it from their site, and installing the depdencies 1 by 1, but its a huge pain and so far no success. Anyone have the correct approach? As when i follow the linux requirements on the wiki, it re-installs 5.7.x thanks in advance
  3. Anyone can confirm stability on the latest revisions ?
  4. I said that I dont have the ability to do that /:
  5. I run everything on Debian linux, and idk how to port the vmap_assembler so it runs on windows, anyone has a windows version they can upload for me? I need to redo the vmaps Thanks in advance.
  6. hmm i have 250 online, sometimes i have 18 hours up, other times 5-6. but most of the time its like 5 - 30 minutes. Makes no sense running: 978f31bad6d9958d761c683f03a34ff0bf59dd00
  7. Anyone knows if its stable on the latest revision?
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