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  1. That explains why it doesn't have SSE2 instructions xD Now the question is why your compiler creates and x86 SSE2 assembly then....
  2. Are you on a x86 platform that has no SSE2? `pause` was added as part of SSE2. I'm sure the TrinityCore developers would love to see the details of your system, but most importantly your CPU information. Could you post the output of cat /proc/cpuinfo[/CODE]
  3. You've successfully missed the point. If he was really missing dependencies, CMake wouldn't have even generated the project files for him. So he couldn't even start building, let alone have his compiler crash.... I posted this in my initial post in this topic too, which you reacted to writing you had already said that it seemed lack of dependencies. Which tells me you hadn't understood my post. That's what I meant when saying you should work on your English. So it would seem, your English contrary to your statement, does indeed compromise your understanding of others' posts. Having said all that, if it really seemed to you that he had some dependencies missing, then I question your competence regarding this issue. Therefore I urge you to let people who actually know what they are talking about handle such issues. I'm telling you this with the noblest of intentions, merely to keep you from further embarrassing yourself in front of your peers. ( Also as a side-note, you are correct in saying, that corrupted installations could cause crashes, however his crash is very highly unlikely to be caused by such. Since then it would either crash when starting the compiler process, or very soon after, but his compiler crash happens much later. Even so, no one denies that there is something wrong with his setup, no one even implied such a thing, contrary to your implication of me ever saying or implying it )
  4. I tried, but obviously I was gonna reply to a post intended for me and correct the poster whoever they might be So basically you are saying that when a software crashes that's because it's installed wrong? Where did you get that misinformation from? That would also imply that when TrinityCore crashes that's because it's installed wrong, not because of programmer mistakes... Are you sure you are gonna claim such a thing?
  5. With all due respect, you should work a bit on your English. I did not flame in this thread, and also you keep saying it seems it's lack of dependencies, but that is not true at all. Read what I posted, and if you don't understand it, ask a friend whose English is better to translate it for you
  6. None of what any of you posted has anything to do with the OP's problem. OP posted the error message This is an error within the compiler, it's not anyhow related to TrinityCore. Also dependencies, or mysql version won't anyhow affect it, if he was missing dependencies CMake wouldn't have even generated the project files for him -.-
  7. Yes there is. However you don't really need the 64bit versions anyways... 32bit programs run just fine on 64bit OS. You only actually need 64bit software if you run out of memory that fits into the 32bit address space...
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