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Found 1 result

  1. I have a 3.3.5 TC server with a population of <50 (accounts not characters). At any given time there are usually 10-15 people logged in but there have been stretches where no one logs in for a few hours. Yesterday with around 10 people logged on, someone decided to head to Booty Bay to take part in the fishing event. They logged off in Booty Bay around 12p server time and relogged around 115p server time immediately going AFK. I am not sure exactly what time they were disconnected but it was before 150p. At 150p they relogged and stayed in Booty Bay checking mail, banking, etc., waiting for the anticipated 2p start of the fishing event. 2p came and went and no fishing event. They told me that this is the second time they've tried and the event hasn't started. The first time they did not arrive in Booty Bay until 205p and they believe they were the only person in the zone. Yesterday they were there before 2p but again likely the only person in the zone. I'm not sure why the event isn't starting for them. I have never tried to complete the fishing event and honestly don't even know if it is scripted. I have seen NPCs in capitols 'advertising' it before. I have noticed that the PVP event in Stranglethorn (Gurubashi Arena) doesn't trigger unless someone is in the zone a few minutes before the start of the event (every three hours). I presumed it was the same with fishing which is why I advised logging in and being in the zone prior to the scheduled start. My questions are: Is the event scripted/working in 3.3.5? Is there a way to get the event (and the pvp event for that matter) to start at the scheduled time without anyone in the zone? The server is compiled Static which I thought would help with that type of scenario. Can/How do you manually trigger the fishing event? TIA for any help with this.
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