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Found 2 results

  1. Would it be possible to install some form of plug-in that would work like Facebook's "@" system? Explanation, you type "@" and then the name of another user so they get a notification that they are being mentioned in a thread they might not be aware of. Thank you for your time. delro-
  2. Hey all! I've been thinking, after I saw this introduction in the spanish part of the forum, this guy who wants to help out in any way he can... Given the fact that he didn't specify if he has any knowledge in developing of any kind the first thing I thought was in the missing gossip. But then again, there's nowhere to post that in spanish, if there are users that can't understand/speak english. Maybe we could make a "Help us gather missing gossip" kindda post but translated in spanish and pin it on the localized forums. You could also do the same with the "Converting EAI to SAI", because I know there are a lot of developers out there that know how to do it but don't speak english at all. Just something to think about, if you ask me this would be very efficient and "welcoming" for hispanic people (of course it could/should be done in all the other languages). I myself could help out in the spanish and portuguese sections. Cheers, XOXO!
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