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Just thank you WoW emulation!

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Great job Shin!! :D
This truly is a pretty great community with an immense potential for learning and creating great projects such as yous.


58 minutes ago, Saben said:

Would you be comfortable uploading your presentation? Would be interesting to see what all you talked about!

+1 for this request. Would also be very interested in taking a look if you uploaded your actual thesis, only if you can, and are comfortable with sharing it though.

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So... long story short... last night I was talking to some family about my new 3D Printer and the question came up if I could print a claymore since the local RenFest doesn't allow 'real' weapons anymore which led me to the discovery that someone did a full-size Lich King armor set which led the conversation into WoW, and Blizzard, and emulation and while trying to explain this *thing* led to the Trailers for Lich King and Legion... well, I can't watch the Lich King trailer without tearing up a bit and getting all Emo. For me WoW started right at the end of Burning Crusade, so Lich King is and always will be very dear to me.


Thank you. Honestly. Thank you to all the devs- past, present and future. Thank you to the community. Thank you for keeping that part of my history from being blown away like smoke in the wind. Thank you to Blizzard. I don't think any of us has anything but love for Blizz. For me- WoW emulation was the first time I felt opposed by something I loved so much, but I don't love it any less.


Love you all. Thank you.

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