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Can't create character (Player::Create: Possible hacking-attempt:)

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I'm using full 7.2.5 Client with the newest master branch (self compiled) 

Version table : TrinityCore rev. 25111b09dfaa 2017-09-25 21:34:15 ... 25111b09dfaa TDB 720.00


When i try to create a character (any race / any class) i got the error shown that the character creation failed and serverside i got 

Player::Create: Possible hacking-attempt: Account 1 tried creating a character named 'Tester' with invalid appearance attributes - refusing to do so


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--- Canned message start --- This thread does not belong in this section in its current form, and should be reposted in the tracker. Please read this thread to make your future help requests more effective. Read This too Search on tracker before posting any bug report. --- Canned message end ---

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