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Phasing System

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I had a small idea, why not do reading phases from the database, for example, such as reading spawnDifficulty

example `PhaseID` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'
(phase, phase, phase,)

maybe i am wrong but then we can avoid random duplicates or large amounts of data

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some more information if you let


ServerToClient: SMSG_PHASE_SHIFT_CHANGE (0x2577) Length: 59 ConnIdx: 0 Time: 12/10/2018 22:16:12.995 Number: 347
Client: Full: 0x0815E8000000000000000000073DC84B Player/0 R1402/S0 Map: Eastern Kingdoms Low: 121489483
PhaseShiftFlags: 24
PhaseShiftCount: 6
PersonalGUID: Full: 0x0
[0] PhaseFlags: 1
[0] Id: 4899
[1] PhaseFlags: 1
[1] Id: 5114
[2] PhaseFlags: 1
[2] Id: 5115
[3] PhaseFlags: 1
[3] Id: 5116
[4] PhaseFlags: 1
[4] Id: 5324
[5] PhaseFlags: 1
[5] Id: 5837
PhaseGroup: 895 Phases: 5116 - 5114 - 5115
it is interesting and how to determine which phase the player is currently in from 14 phases
and field `PhaseUseFlag` = [0] PhaseFlags: 1 or PhaseShiftFlags: 24?

Of course, you can make a hard hack for all 14 phases, create a phase group in the hotfix database and use it then we get the minimum records in the database and fast phase switching using
 condition or spell
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