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Login error (disconnected) - BLZ51901016

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Hello all.  I setup my server (master branch) over the weekend, and am finding that I can not get one of my clients to connect.  When attempting to login in, I immediately get a Blizzard error - You have been disconnected (BLZ51901016).  I have tried with three different accounts, and 2 different computers.  Both of those machines are Win10.  I do have another client working with Win8.


Would like some direction on figuring this out. A search on this forum didn't bring up anything conclusive.   Thanks in advance...

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4 hours ago, Jorgito said:

You should at least tell how you resolved this problem, could help someone who get the same

Good idea.  Basically, when I copied over my client files to the new PCs, I copied over my original copy, which included the original config.wtf (which was pointing to the wrong server,  Once I changed it to SET portal "mydnsservername.xyz", then I was golden.

So , the error was correct - It was trying to authenticate to my local PC instead of the server across the room on my LAN.  Again, once I changed it as shown above, it was able to connect to my master server and authenticate.  Viola!

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