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  1. Update - I ended up using two config.wtf files, one for the LAN, one for the Internet. Did not need to edit anything in hosts files. Things seems to be working normally. My issue can be closed.
  2. Hello, good people. Obligatory thanks: Thank you for all the work and support that you do for all of us. I know it goes without much appreciation, but I enjoy playing WoW with my son, so thank you again. I'm coming back to TC after a 1-2 year hiatus. New server, new build. I am having issues connecting to my server via Dynamic DNS - I get the infamous BLZ51901016 error. Specifics... Latest master TC build, latest client, Server is Win10 Server LAN IP: DDNS: mounteverest.game-host.org I am successful at connecting when running the client and server on the same IP (using SET portal "" or "" in config.wtf). I am successful at connecting when running LAN client and server on the same subnet (using SET portal "" in config.wtf). I am UNSUCCESSFUL in connecting when setting ANY client (local and/or remote) in config.wtf to this: SET portal "mounteverest.game-host.org" (or my current external IP, ""). I have opened the ports on my home router, disabled the router IPv4 and IPv6 firewall (just in case), and successfully tested the open ports 8081, 8085, 8086, and 1119 via https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ for BOTH my current external IP as well as my DDNS name. I have updated the realmlist table with the values I think to be correct. I have changed the LoginREST stuff in bnetserver.conf to the values I think to be correct. I have attached some screen shots that may help. Thanks again in advance for the support...
  3. Could be an issue with your repack client. The admins here will tell you that repacks are not supported, and they do not provide the client files. I have a master server running that i built a few weeks ago (although it has some minor issues that i have posted about). I will PM you the location of the client files that I was able to obtain. It will have to be later tonight, as I am at work and don't have the exact details.
  4. Hello. I built my first Trinity server (master) on 1/12/19, and then updated/compiled the latest [master] branch this evening. Both my son and I have started leveling multiple characters and are noticing the following things, most notably in the starting zones past level 6 (levels 6+). Some mobs have two "entities." They are standing close to each other, so both are pulled when attacking. It seems like it is more prevelant when the spawns are of two different types, like the Ravening Apparition and Vengeful Apparition. Some mobs hit WAY too hard, such as the Risen Hungerer. Typical hits are in the 40's, with critical hits around 85. On a typical level 16 character with 275 health, that doesn't last long (especially if you pull two, as stated above). Many times after the second mob in this situation is killed, you can't loot the first one, because it despawns within 10 seconds or there is no loot at all. There are multiple examples of this all over the starting zones, both as a Blood Elf and as a troll / orc. The first starting area seems to be OK, it just gets way too difficult after you leave that zone. We have tested with multiple races and multiple classes. I was hoping a server / DB update would fix it, but as I stated before I just updated it this evening and tested. Thanks in advance...
  5. Good idea. Basically, when I copied over my client files to the new PCs, I copied over my original copy, which included the original config.wtf (which was pointing to the wrong server, Once I changed it to SET portal "mydnsservername.xyz", then I was golden. So , the error was correct - It was trying to authenticate to my local PC instead of the server across the room on my LAN. Again, once I changed it as shown above, it was able to connect to my master server and authenticate. Viola!
  6. Moderators - Please do your best Homer Simpson "Doh!" impression. I know what the problem is. Please close this topic.
  7. Hello all. I setup my server (master branch) over the weekend, and am finding that I can not get one of my clients to connect. When attempting to login in, I immediately get a Blizzard error - You have been disconnected (BLZ51901016). I have tried with three different accounts, and 2 different computers. Both of those machines are Win10. I do have another client working with Win8. Would like some direction on figuring this out. A search on this forum didn't bring up anything conclusive. Thanks in advance...
  8. OK, I thought I saw a 2017 update on the project, but it looks like you are correct - an old utility from 2014. I guess I'll have to look at the table structures on both databases, then.
  9. Hello, and thank you for the TrinityCore product. First post here, and new to TrinityCore (TC). I have a cMangos server (3.3.5a) that I have been running for over a year. This weekend I built a TrinityCore "master" server. Everything went pretty smoothly, although there were a couple of hiccups. I was able to resolve those from my experience on building the cMangos server. Here is my question... Can I use CharImport (TC thread linked below) to successfully migrate my account and character data from my cMangos 3.3.5 server to the TrinityCore "master" ( ? If not, is there a way to copy the character data via SQL or other methods? Thanks in advance... )
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