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  1. You should at least tell how you resolved this problem, could help someone who get the same
  2. You have to check the datadir location in your worldserv.conf
  3. So on 3.3.5 blizzlike we could cast through walls/fences etc...? It sound weird
  4. Hello I wanted to know if their a way to make that we can't cast anymore on a target that are hidden after a tree or orgrimmar fence, I don't know where to look (object.cpp? Another part of the code or in the dbc?) Thanks for helping
  5. You should (maybe) find some on the 8.0.1 private server (I've the right to say that on the forum?)
  6. Hello, I just discovered the loggings system, and after some test I saw that I can get log from gm by account ID, but is it possible to get chat log by account ID too? When I talk with my 2 acc separatly, the logs get in the same .log (Also in a second time, is there a way to change the timestap format for DD-MM-YYYY_HH_MM_SS instead of YYYY-MM-DD_HH_MM_SS ?) Thanks!
  7. https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2129969/characters+table look for the at_login, it should answer your question
  8. It was like that in blizzard? Seems a little weird
  9. Maybe you can still tell what was the problem and how do you fix it, so that could help people
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