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Building a high-availability Trinity server?


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Quick question:  Is the Trinity application stateless?


Not so quick question:  If I have the MySQL database on a highly available cluster, and install the executable on an application server, could I clone the application server and put all of the app server nodes behind a load balancer? I'm thiking about building a server on AWS and my design would be: internet --> elastic load balancer -- application server pool -- RDS MySQL

Has anyone had any success with building a highly-available and highly scaleable Trinity Core install?


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Quick answer, NO.

Not so quick answer: A low latency game server by design is not stateless, more then less it manages every state in memory, database writes will happen scheduled and normaly only a smal set of data will be replicated in database, for example no movement data from players ecc.

For this reason i think your setup would not work with trinity even if you would rewrite a lot of code.

for load balancing i've seen some server using multiple nodes to host maps separated, but there where never 2 servers running the same map

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