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  1. "OpenSSL ≥ 1.0.x" ... ≥ is greater than or equals ... OpenSSL1.1.1 is greater than 1.0.x, so it's perfectly fine
  2. As far as i know (at least a few years in the past) the core has set this on first login to the world, not on character creation process.
  3. Quick answer, NO. Not so quick answer: A low latency game server by design is not stateless, more then less it manages every state in memory, database writes will happen scheduled and normaly only a smal set of data will be replicated in database, for example no movement data from players ecc. For this reason i think your setup would not work with trinity even if you would rewrite a lot of code. for load balancing i've seen some server using multiple nodes to host maps separated, but there where never 2 servers running the same map
  4. an other possibble solution would be to apply all missing updates, you need to find all sql updates made since TrinityCore rev. 02d7df6aa435 2016-04-20 the old sql updates you will find here: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/tree/3.3.5/sql/old/3.3.5a the newer here; https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/tree/3.3.5/sql you yust need to concat all update sql files for your world / characters and auth db via batch / script then you can simply apply the update (if your repack had no breaking structure changes) this way youre able to keep all your data and you will get
  5. depends on your OS, for windows i suggest to use visual studio, or if you want to analyze while your process is running you can try ProcessExplorer to get the high cpu thread and a part of the stack, but it depends much on the fact if you have one hot path for cpu usage or a combination of multiple problems. the second one is much harder to find. but for clarification, those are giving you only some hints, you need to know how the code works (into deep) to get to the right code place. (or compile in complete debug with debugger attached and performance session running, but this will mak
  6. maybe your TC1 version has a configuration to auto unload the Grid. if yes, try to use it an other realy common issue was bad scripted npc / bosses causing high cpu usage and prevent unloading instances in certain cases. if you want a suggestion, try to dump your process if it runns on 100% and analyze it with a debugger (or better software) remember to compile with debug info. good luck
  7. the extracted files could be a problem if they are corruped, make shure your client is correct (or try to export from an other fresh client) i don't think the mmaps are wrong, more plausible the map files, but i don't know if the option to disable mmaps still exists in TC, you cold try it and if npcs stop dying you know the reason
  8. The main question here is are you talking about 3.3.5 branch or about the 7.x branch? As far as i know TrinityCore has done a realy good work on "Warden Anticheat" for the 3.3.5 Branch, but i dont know, or even not expect, this working on 7.x. This Anticheat is far from being complete but its the way Blizz do cheat dedection. Some other anticheat systems are validating movement and many more stuff on server (speed / fly hack / ecc.) but this was never integrated in the repository. There are patchs around in the custom section.
  9. Its defined as constant in c++ code: `BATTLEGROUND_ARENA_POINT_DISTRIBUTION_DAY`
  10. you have to separate both systems completely: running both world servers and both auth servers on different ports (in total 4 ports) and use ip+port in your clients realm list to connect to the correct game. as far as i know you cant run bnet auth based wow versons with the older once (like 3.x) on the same auth server (at least with default trinity code)
  11. as far as i know the change was made in 3.3.5 branch and only merged in 4.3.4 better search in 3.3.5
  12. linux would be the best choice but btw, anyone who knows a little bit about windows server architecture, would tell that win 2008 server + are 100 times better then old versions of win server or winxp) btw. winxp is not even a server OS, shure, trinity is working but the os is "outdated crap" sorry but its the true!
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