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Mobs have multiple spawns and hit too hard

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Hello.  I built my first Trinity server (master) on 1/12/19, and then updated/compiled the latest [master] branch this evening.


Both my son and I have started leveling multiple characters and are noticing the following things, most notably in the starting zones past level 6 (levels 6+).

  • Some mobs have two "entities."  They are standing close to each other, so both are pulled when attacking.  It seems like it is more prevelant when the spawns are of two different types, like the Ravening Apparition and Vengeful Apparition.
  • Some mobs hit WAY too hard, such as the Risen Hungerer.  Typical hits are in the 40's, with critical hits around 85.  On a typical level 16 character with 275 health, that doesn't last long (especially if you pull two, as stated above). 
  • Many times after the second mob in this situation is killed, you can't loot the first one, because it despawns within 10 seconds or there is no loot at all.


There are multiple examples of this all over the starting zones, both as a Blood Elf and as a troll / orc.  The first starting area seems to be OK, it just gets way too difficult after you leave that zone.  We have tested with multiple races and multiple classes.

I was hoping a server / DB update would fix it, but as I stated before I just updated it this evening and tested.


Thanks in advance...

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