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    • By palooka
      I'd been running the x64 version of the 6.2.3 client and previous Trinity server compilation successfully for the past month or 2.
      But, after March 24th I was unable to log in to my 64-bit client (although I in no way used or attempted their launcher - all client runs were executed via the "wow-64_patched.exe" file).  I suspect that somehow Blz somehow could see that there was a patch difference in my client version vs their latest patch.
      So after numerous unsuccessful attempts at logging in to client, I updated the client patchwise from client source, waited for Trinity Server update, and built, recompiled 64-bit version  (successfully), as of a few days ago. I ran server, installed "bnetaccount create [email protected] test", modified the client's config.wtf file, then pasted the new patcher file into the client folder, and dragged wow-64.exe over the patcher, then ran the "wow-64_patched.exe" executable - which resulted in bringing up the latest 6.2.4 21355 client. 
      But, I have not been able to successfully log in to the client with the new configuration.  The client response continues to be:
      "Unable to connect. Please try again later. If this problem, please contact technical support at: ....
      .... index.xml?gameld=11&rootCategoryld=2316]       (BLZ51901002)"
      I've uninstalled the client and BNet accounts, reinstalled same and gone through pretty much the same process again with exactly the same result.
      I'm really at a standstill at this point - please help!
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