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Hi! So I have been googling around and so on but havent find a solution!

A friend told me he wanted to open the gate for Ahn'Qiraj but when we went there it was already open. So I started googling about reseting it, but cant find any.

I did give myself, a GM character, the achivement and mount but I did delete that character a few days ago.

So can I reset all the achivements and close the gate to AQ? I did see somewhere that you can disable achivements for GM accounts but cant find that either in the config.



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Don't think that quest part is implemented in Trinity, since they do rely on the "blizzlike" implementation, and Classic WoW wasn't around for a "couple" of years, maybe soon it will change since ppl will be able to provide sniffs from the official Classic servers.

As for the achievements, whenever you use the /gm on command, no achievements will be awarded to you, if you get for example Invincible and use it without the /gm on then you will get achievement.

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