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Inconsistent creature_template table; spell_dbc questions

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Hello TrinityCore forum,

Recently I pulled the 3.3.5a branch and compiled it in release mode. Then I extracted all required maps and initialized and populated the MySQL 5.6 databases auth, character and world. The server starts and I can join and play.

1. I can make NPC Vendors. Now I want to make NPC Trainers. I see that on the wiki page - https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/2130008/creature+template - the table creature_template has following attributes:

trainer_type tinyint(4) signed   NO 0    
trainer_class tinyint(3) unsigned   NO 0    
trainer_race tinyint(3) unsigned   NO 0    

Those are not found in the initialized database what I have.

2. How can I look for spells by name? I see that there is a table spell_dbc with columns SpellName and SpellFamilyName but when I give queries like SELECT * FROM spell_dbc WHERE SpellName like '%Heroic Strike%' OR SpellFamilyName like '%Heroic Strike% I don't find those spells. How can I make NPC-Trainers? I found over the internet some trinity core sql packs, but they are mostly not conform with my databases.

Best Wishes,


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