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worldserver run error in ubuntu


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hi there,

i use chinese wow 9.2 client to install trinity on ubuntu,  every step works fine as i come to the "Populating the MySQL Trinity databases" in "Database install"  , the World database and Hotfixes database seemed populated to mysql, but worldserver then exit with below error

Using World DB: TDB 920.22031
Using enUS DBC Locale
Will clear `logs` table of entries older than 1209600 seconds every 10 minutes.
Client cache version set to: 22031
Using DataDir ../data/
WORLD: MMap data directory is: ../data/mmaps
VMap support included. LineOfSight: 1, getHeight: 1, indoorCheck: 1
VMap data directory is: ../data/vmaps
Missing name Guild.SaveInterval in config file /home/<username>/server/etc/worldserver.conf, add "Guild.SaveInterval = 15" to this file
Loading Trinity strings...
>> Loaded 1040 trinity strings in 0 ms
Initialize data stores...
Unable to load db2 files for enUS locale specified in DBC.Locale config!


it seems need to config Locale to zhCN, but how ?

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