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  1. Is it stable? ...

    you know trinity is like the cms systems like joomla . joomla only vulnerable to hack when you install a 3rd party modules . otherwise you should forgot about hacking that system in trinity , its stable until you install the 3rd party scripts and stuff or modify the code by your self ( if you dont know the system ) so let us know if you have a costume scripts over there thanks .
  2. Compile or cmake problems

    here is your problem your patch is old . they change the error logs function download the fixed script from attachment. as you see in some lines there is a slog function and as you see there is one more argument in the beggining sLog->outError(LOG_FILTER_CHARACTER,"enchant_vendor::Enchant: Enchant NPC 'enchantid' is NULL, something went wrong here!"); you should tel the core that what is that outerror about . read this : Core/Logging: Added documentation about this system · 52a5991 · TrinityCore/TrinityCore · GitHub for more info . good luck . npc_enchantment.zip