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  1. In your worldserver.conf file, what does bind-ip say? If it says anything other than, then you will have to use your realmlist. You won't be able to set realmlist to
  2. Is there a way to manually patch it. I know basically nothing about CMakeLists or diff files. I just know that they work, so I don't argue. I just smile and nod when it comes to those things. lol. I know enough however to be able to find certain sections so I can at least appear to know what I am talking about.
  3. So I was recently given core access to a server. My problem is I cannot test compile the TrinityCore to make sure my modifications will compile and that they will work. I am running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. I read in the tutorial on the TrinityCore wiki and it says that Trinity is not fully compatible with Mac and that a .diff patch must be installed. It failed on all the files to patch because files had been moved around in one of the Trinity updates. I managed to open the patch and change the file paths and now it works. On all but 1 file and that one file is causing over 200 compile errors. Here is the section of code that modifies the CMakeLists.txt file. diff -r cbe929b901f8 src/genrev/CMakeLists.txt --- a/src/genrev/CMakeLists.txt Wed Aug 25 23:21:53 2010 +0300 +++ b/src/genrev/CMakeLists.txt Thu Aug 26 02:14:42 2010 +0200 @@ -21,6 +21,12 @@ COMMAND ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/bin/$(ConfigurationName)/genrev -m $(ConfigurationName) ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR} WORKING_DIRECTORY ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR} ) +elseif( CMAKE_GENERATOR MATCHES "Xcode" ) + add_custom_command(TARGET genrev + POST_BUILD + COMMAND ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/src/genrev/$(CONFIGURATION)/genrev -m ${CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE} ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR} + WORKING_DIRECTORY ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR} + ) else() add_custom_command(TARGET genrev POST_BUILD I ran "patch -p1 < ../tc_osx_g3d_included.diff" in Terminal, using the core folder as the working directory, and here is the output I get: patching file src/genrev/CMakeLists.txt Hunk #1 FAILED at 21. 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file src/genrev/CMakeLists.txt.rej Anyone have any ideas? Only post if you actually have something useful to say. Please do not make any mac hate posts. They are completely unnecessary.
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