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  1. Hej, yes it is, you just need to know how to handle srv records. Note that auth and world need different ports set and the record has to target a hostname with an address record (A record or AAAA record).
  2. Also, there are good recommendations for MySQL GUI Tools on TC wiki pages for your platform. You should already be aware of these, but they can assist you setting up the privileges. You may have made changes to these earlier, just as you did for your db table names. If in doubt, you can equip a mysql user with all privileges and only allow it to connect from localhost – of course, this only works when your server is running on the same machine as your core.
  3. Is the mysql user applying the updates and creating the database equipped with the needed set of mysql privileges, and is this user correctly configured in auth and world config files? There could be something wrong with your mysql server setup you might wanna check out.
  4. Or you could just upgrade the needed boost-dev packages only. PM me if you need a hand. (:
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