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  1. Blizzard kills anything that gets too much attention and contains assets from their games, not long time ago there was a Starcraft clone in HTML, it contained assets taken directly from the game in PNG format, guess what happened!. I don't think you'll have problems with this one, but if you're too concerned, you can provide a tool that extracts the assets from the game, so you are not distributing the assets directly with your package. -Mortos
  2. Alle Fehler beim Entpacken der Karten? Auch haben Sie versucht, das Extrahieren der Karten von einem anderen Client?
  3. Auch mit Ihrem eigenen, zusammengestellt Tools (CMake). Grüße. Mortos.
  4. Sind Sie mit den richtigen Verzeichnisbaum? Grüße. Mortos.
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