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  1. Hey back! Shauren pushed a fix yesterday to solve this issue. It works Commit link: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/2fe70e5fd67042e621e27b047f3e249f6fcfc371
  2. Hey guys, My game is stuck at login in an infinite loop. Looking at the WoW Packet Parser, it stucks with CMSG_PING and CMSG_PONG loop. I don't have any response from CMSG_AUTH_SESSION. Last packet before the infinite loop is CMSG_ENTER_ENCRYPTED_MODE_ACK. My sources (and launcher) are updated with the lastest versions / game build. Local server on First time using master branch. Do you have some ideas ? Thanks!
  3. Hello, Here's the deal: I have to develop a new system looks like Alterac, for example, we have King Varian Wrynn and two lords to kill. The first lord to Westfall and the second in Goldshire. When a lord is alive, it gives a bonus to the King (damage, life...). The goal is to kill lords before attacking the faction leader. I finished most of the work but I have a problem to solve: the respawn. I work with a `chef_faction` table with the following columns: Faction leader: UInt32 Entry; Lord: UInt32 Entry; Alive: Boolean; Aura: UInt32 Entry; When the player isn't close to a lord, the JustRespawned() method can't be called because of verification of chunk distance between the NPC and the player. How can I do to fix it and change the Alive value to false ? Thank you for your answers ! Sincerely, - Belitharian
  4. The C compiler identification is unknown The CXX compiler identification is unknown I found it : http://cmake.3232098.n2.nabble.com/Visual-Studio-10-compiler-identification-unknown-td7585120.html Don't forget to clean your cMake Cache before rebuild. Maybe it could help you. PS : Have you solutions for my compilation problem?
  5. Hi! I'm trying since yesterday to compile TrinityCore in Debug (does not work in Release too). I let Visual Studio 2013 open all night but this morning the compilation was still blocked on the file wave.c... in deplibmpq project. I just get the following files: ace.dll ace.ilk ace.pdb authserver.conf.dist authserver.exe authserver.ilk authserver.pdb libmysql.dll libmysql.ilk libmysql.pdb vmap4assembler.exe vmap4assembler.ilk vmap4assembler.pdb worldserver.conf.dist worldserver.exe worldserver.ilk worldserver.pdb I tried to compile without TrinityTools for maps, vmaps, dbc and mmaps and it works, but if I do not have maps, etc : I can not start the server. mpq.log : http://pastebin.com/x0CH8DLm mpq.pdb : http://fbe.am/sby in ZiP file. Thank you for your response. I am at your disposal for further information.
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