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  1. Thank you! It worked! SET @NPCID = 108767; SET @GUID = 748407; SET @HP = 7315; UPDATE `creature_template` SET `HealthModifier` = 2, `RegenHealth` = 0 WHERE `entry` = @NPCID; UPDATE `creature` SET `curhealth` = @HP WHERE `guid` = @GUID;
  2. I just want to set the NPC to make it like wounded。
  3. I used the master. And I\ve tried cast to myself and the npc, still nothing happen. Change the curhealth, but it has full_health in game. Did I miss something? Thanks to your reply anyway.
  4. I've tried to set auras 280552 in creature_addon, but nothing happen. I need help!
  5. Greeting. I've got some errors when I use WowPacketParser.exe to export sql files, it happened since https://github.com/TrinityCore/WowPacketParser/commit/1aea02a789d163a6d48af41f477a832a6f52ccf6: [1/1 风暴峡湾02.pkt] System.InvalidCastException [1/1 风暴峡湾02.pkt] 指定的转换无效。 WowPacketParser.Store.Objects.Ext.GetValue[T,TK](Dictionary`2 dict, T updateField) 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Store\Objects\Unit.cs:行号 241 WowPacketParser.Store.Objects.Unit.LoadValuesFromUpdateFields() 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Store\Objects\Unit.cs:行号 144 WowPacketParser.SQL.Builder.DumpSQL(String prefix, String fileName, String header) 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\SQL\Builder.cs:行号 88 WowPacketParser.Loading.SniffFile.WriteSQLs() 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Loading\SniffFile.cs:行号 519 WowPacketParser.Loading.SniffFile.ProcessFileImpl() 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Loading\SniffFile.cs:行号 272 WowPacketParser.Loading.SniffFile.ProcessFile() 位置 G:\wow\Tools\WowPacketParser\WowPacketParser\Loading\SniffFile.cs:行号 85 And I try to compile it with vs2015 and vs2017, but the error look the same. Somebody help me, please.
  6. , welcome to Chinese lesson. I'm in mandaria zone, actually.
  7. I'm afraid you can't use it. It's the Chinese version only. Here is the link: http://www.locoy.com/download
  8. I just gather from wowhead last night. It's include the creature_queststarter, creature_questender, gameobject_queststarter and gameobject_questender. I hope you like it. quest_giver.zip
  9. I try to complete the source, but it game me like about 43 errors: like this: C2672 “OpcodeTable::ValidateAndSetClientOpcode”: 未找到匹配的重载函数 game G:\wow\624\TrinityCore\src\server\game\Server\Protocol\Opcodes.cpp 256 C2893 未能使函数模板“void OpcodeTable::ValidateAndSetClientOpcode(OpcodeClient,const char *,SessionStatus,PacketProcessing)”专用化 game G:\wow\624\TrinityCore\src\server\game\Server\Protocol\Opcodes.cpp 256 ...... Core:https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/ea162418736318ea7cce4d5c5667142795361740 OS:Win10 RS Tools: Boost: boost_1_61_0_b1-msvc-14.0-64 MySQL: 5.5.20_x64 OpenSSL: Win64OpenSSL-1_0_2e CMake : cmake-3.4.1-win32-x86 MS Visual Studio: 2015 with update 1 Did I miss something important tool or something wrong?
  10. Check out this /dbc/enUS/
  11. 任务的汉化没完善,这需要自己收集去。 或是借用其他人的吧。
  12. Core: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/060256000b1a553a21581b9b65e12f7cb034e148 OS: Windows 10 Pro ,vs2015_update 1 Somebody help!
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