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  1. Just want to give a up to date to this after i got the same error after 5 years. (im replying because for some reason when i edit the post it bugs out and won't let me type anything, sorry for this) The "blue box" or "weird looking texture" all creatures might get is caused by a item having the Entry "0" in Item_template. There is no need to remake the table. Hopefully this helps.
  2. Last night everything were working fine however when we made the daily restart it seems like something happened and now every character has a blue box equipped. This happened before and i had to reinstall my whole WORLD table for it to revert back (exported my work and then inserted it again) however now the amount of work put in is Alot, more than a few thousand lines this time. so we'd prefer to avoid it, and this could be used to help anyone in the future with the same problem. So decided to open a thread up and ask you the community about it. IMGUR for Picture: PRESS HERE FOR PICTURE ----- SOLUTION ----- The Item_template in the WORLD table in the database was the issue. Extract your lines and then get the table from the world SQL. and then insert your changes.
  3. Then how do i find what the valus stand for that has misc valus already in them? Like for Aura mod rating there is a value for crit in x stat that increases crit, if i have 1000 crit and equip an item with my custom spell on it my crit will be increased to 1005 crit (if the custom spell has 4 in base points and 1 in die sides). Now there should be a Value to do this in Percentage. Also as someone put the value there then they have gotten it from somewhere and its defined somewhere.
  4. For a very long time i've tried to figure out how MiscValue works in spell.dbc, but no matter what i always run into a wall and no one knows. Now i wanna learn how you find the misc value for a spell. Lets say i have a spell that increases critical strike, i want to know what the misc id is for this and where it can be found, or attack speed. Pretty much what im trying to do is a spell that increases overall crit chance in % and to do that i need the misc Value.
  5. I've een searching this for the last hours and I can't find anything about it more than people who want their friends to join im NOT trying to make it local/public, I wana learn The base of scripting but this prevents me. so I take it quick and no this is not for making the server public, I can't just connect and create an character because when I press the server it says connected for 1-2 min and then it says I lost connection to server Auth Realmlist Id Name addres localaddress localsubnetmask port icon flag timezone allowsecuritylevel population gamebuild 1 , trinity , , ,, 8085 , 0 , 0 , 1 , 0 , 0 , 12340
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