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  1. I'm running out of ideas here. I copied my World of Warcraft.app to my PC... patched "World of Warcraft" located in the MacOSX folder and then copied the "World of Warcraft Patched.app" back to my mac. Would not even launch. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I 100% agree with that. I won't lie, my children and I play on it from time to time, but we also both LOVE creating new things in the code. I don't think I would ever have the patience (or desire) to run a public server. Learning how to write changes and learn how different changes affect the client and overall game play. Because of what my kids are learning with (First Mangos and now) Trinity core... One of them now wants to be a video game designer when he grows up. Couldn't ask for a better educational purpose than that. He will be able to walk into a college level class and explain EXACTLY how a database / client / server game works.
  3. Ok, maybe I'm being completely dense here... but where is the Mac Patcher? I've looked all through my core build out (even with tools checked on cMake) and I can't find it anywhere. Do I have to do a complete build with Mac to get it? Is there anywhere here on Trinity's source that I can download it from?
  4. Aokromes, yes I saw your post already in there that I'm trying to connect with an unpatched client. Which points me back to the first question I posted above... How do I patch a Mac client? EXE's don't run on macs.
  5. One other note: I do notice a very quick flash of an error that says "Blizzard Error #105", but again, in the forums I found nothing relating to that.
  6. I have searched all over the forums and can't find anything that exactly matches this. I can connect fine to the server using my windows client, but when I try to connect using my mac client it immediately bounces back stating "You have been disconnected from the server". I have the correct IP address in the config.wtf (And realmlist in the DB) but still can't connect. I of course can't apply the connection patcher, because the EXE isn't mac compatible. Is there something else I need to do to connect with mac? Here is my connection.log if it helps (NOTE that the ".logon.battle.net" I can't get rid of... there is no where config.wtf that has that). 3/14 13:10:21.966 Login program=WoW platform=Mc64 locale=enUS 3/14 13:10:22.097 Component WoW.Mc64.20886 3/14 13:10:22.097 Component WoW.base.20726 3/14 13:10:22.099 Battle.net is Component Bnet.Mc64.37165 3/14 13:10:22.099 LOGIN: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK 3/14 13:10:22.145 Failed to resolve “”.logon.battle.net 3/14 13:10:22.145 LOGIN: state: LOGIN_STATE_FAILED result: DISCONNECTED 3/14 13:10:22.145 Login program=WoW platform=Mc64 locale=enUS 3/14 13:10:22.145 Component WoW.Mc64.20886 3/14 13:10:22.145 Component WoW.base.20726 3/14 13:10:22.154 Battle.net is Component Bnet.Mc64.37165 3/14 13:10:23.298 Client Disconnect due to reason:8 3/14 13:12:54.053 LOGIN: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK 3/14 13:12:54.073 Failed to resolve “”.logon.battle.net 3/14 13:12:54.151 LOGIN: state: LOGIN_STATE_FAILED result: DISCONNECTED 3/14 13:12:54.151 Login program=WoW platform=Mc64 locale=enUS 3/14 13:12:54.173 Component WoW.Mc64.20886 3/14 13:12:54.173 Component WoW.base.20726 3/14 13:12:54.308 Battle.net is Component Bnet.Mc64.37165 3/14 13:12:54.309 Client Disconnect due to reason:8
  7. Thank you Aokromes. I wasn't even aware about two different clients (wow 3 and wow 6). Clearly I need to do some more homework before I jump into it more. I'm sure that it must related to that. Thank you so much for your guidance.
  8. Ok I've searched all over trying to figure this out, but I'm not getting anywhere. Let me apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong area. I think I have the right place. So I'm trying to install Trinity for the first time (have worked with Mangos in the past). Completely wiped my WoW client and reinstalled it. When I try to extract the maps I get "Data\common.mpq" does not exist. I looked in there and sure enough it isn't there. Now it's been YEARS since I did a map extraction, so obviously the client has been changed quite a bit too. Where is the common.mpq? I see a bunch of already seperated files in the data directory. It appears to me like they've completely restructured the client. Do I need to do an additional step to recreate the common.mpq for extraction?
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