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  1. I got there error: Any comment?
  2. Thank you, after using "SzimatSzatyor" and "Whiff" (two last links) i got some .bin and .pkt files I think i need a packet parser for it to get the sql files But the problem is, there is not any parser for 3.3.5
  3. Yes, ofc it exists. Maybe it's just a private sniffer and that's why ppl don't share
  4. Hello, Can you guys link me trinitycore 3.3.5 sniffer?
  5. realmlist table

    Thanks really. But did you test that DB and source your own?
  6. realmlist table

    Hi; I was trying to download 'TDB 4.3.4', But i saw 'The page you requested does not exist' error. Link Also i tried other links but i got same error Anyone can help me? I need to download this file and need a working download link for that. Regards.