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  1. Thanks, you can move it to "Solved Issues" section now.
  2. Greetings, I have a quick question. Since after running "worldserver.exe" database will be created itself, I want to ask how can I make the worldserver to create "World3.3.5"instead of "World"? (and same for auth, characters)
  3. Hello, I'm not sure if these are what you want or not: 50545 56431 13009 32014 25672 21790 And it's for after 4.3.0: 103948
  4. Hi guys, here I have a problem with some flying NPCs. The problem is when a player kill then they won't fall down to the ground and their corpse will still on the air. Also in some other cases I have the flying NPC on the ground and it's always out of range. But after killing it it goes high up to the sky again.
  5. No changes at all, and that's exactly what I did.
  6. Well, let's say I've downloaded the TC with GIT and made the C++ project with Cmake successfully. Now I can easily compile it on 64 bit mode without of problems, but I'm getting some problems when I'm trying to compile it on 32 bit mode. Note: All my tools including Cmake, Boost, etc are 64 Bit. http://imgur.com/VwAfG5x
  7. I got there error: http://pastebin.com/XS2uB382 Any comment?
  8. Thank you, after using "SzimatSzatyor" and "Whiff" (two last links) i got some .bin and .pkt files I think i need a packet parser for it to get the sql files But the problem is, there is not any parser for 3.3.5
  9. Yes, ofc it exists. Maybe it's just a private sniffer and that's why ppl don't share
  10. Hello, Can you guys link me trinitycore 3.3.5 sniffer?
  11. Thanks really. But did you test that DB and source your own?
  12. Hi; I was trying to download 'TDB 4.3.4', But i saw 'The page you requested does not exist' error. Link Also i tried other links but i got same error Anyone can help me? I need to download this file and need a working download link for that. Regards.
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