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  1. hey guys, got a little problem, can anyone help me? i can join on my own server but my friends cant. They can choose the realm but if they choose them, they get the error WOW51900328. how can i solve this problem? i use hamachi to use tc my ip: my ivp6: DB: address: local address: localsubnetmask: bnet config: LoginREST.Port = 8081 LoginREST.ExternalAddress= LoginREST.LocalAddress=
  2. ok thanks for your help. now they can log in but there is now the next problem. when they want to log in to the realm, they get this problem: 51900328
  3. i use trinity core. i tried it with my normal ip and i opend the ports. but my friends cant login. so i tried it with hamachi. but the probleme is still there.
  4. Hey guys, i have a problem with the connection with friends. i can connect on my own server via hamachi but friends get an error while connecting on my server: Blz51914001. what can i do to solve the problem? they are all in my hamachi network but still cant join
  5. i am so sorry... yesterday it doenst do it... thx for your help
  6. no i dont want to troll you. i checked tools on cmake. but i only get vc++ projects
  7. the problem is, that i dont find a good tool to compile
  8. i read the wiki and there is only one little sentence about this problem: Get latest connection_patcher (from your build/release folder when compiling with tools) there i cant read anything about compile the pathcer. how can i get the connection_patcher.exe?
  9. thanks at first, but where do i get the connection_pather.exe? i have only 2 connecion_pather for vc++ projects :/
  10. Hey guy, at first, i´m sorry for the stupid question but how can i get the patched wow.exe? i tried to drag&drop the exe over the pather but it doesn´t work. when i drag&drop the pather over the exe, i don´t get the pathed exe... how can i get the patched exe?
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