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  1. I was just dealing with this myself. 1) I reviewed the forums and found that the I had copied the Wow.exe and Wow-64.exe to linux, run the connection_patcher, ignoring the missing issues. End result, couldn't connect. so... I created a Windows share with my copy of Wow and all its files... (sometimes I want to play real Wow). I mounted that windows share to a mount point in linux. I changed directory to the mount point so that Wow.exe was in my current working directory. I then ran the connection_patcher from deep in the build directory that I used to build the Linux version of the server. this is the command I used: /storage/wow/tc6/TrinityCore/build/src/tools/connection_patcher/connection_patcher Wow.exe I'm now currently in my server. The bold part should be the same on your system.
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