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  1. yes process isn't close, i don't know witch tag i have to use to close the process after sniffer.bat will be end.
  2. i did'nt think it could work correctly just with define new client version. do you know why we cant move pkt file after close the sniffer? i can move pkt just after close the wow64.exe
  3. you have to wait for update. client version of parser is different.
  4. thank you, i'm out from TC now. going to learn chinese mandaria how many alphabet thay have ?
  5. thank you, how you gather them? with tools (maybe php code) or else?
  6. Confirm 6c60dddbc6fbc8b5179dc4c763054edc7ad487bd
  7. hello, i was try to parse data with wowpacketparser but quest_template not parsed (it is true in config file). all other data will be parse, also how to get data for questgiver? what can i do?
  8. soul shards aura must generate up to 3 soul for warlock if soul is over 3 it'll decrease soul shards to 3 but below 3 not work(must generate soul shard to 3) i wrote this script but could not hook aura it just work if i use .cast 246985 in game. can you please help me how to hook this aura? SPELL_WARLOCK_SOUL_SHARDS =247054, // 246985 - Soul Shards class spell_warl_soul_shards : public SpellScriptLoader { public: spell_warl_soul_shards() : SpellScriptLoader("spell_warl_soul_shards") { } class spell_warl_soul_shards_AuraScript : public AuraScript { PrepareAuraScript(spell_warl_soul_shards_AuraScript); bool Validate(SpellInfo const* /*spellInfo*/) override { return ValidateSpellInfo({ SPELL_WARLOCK_SOUL_SHARDS }); } void HandleApply(AuraEffect const* /*aurEff*/, AuraEffectHandleModes /*mode*/) { PreventDefaultAction(); GetCaster()->CastSpell(GetCaster(), SPELL_WARLOCK_SOUL_SHARDS, true); } void Register() override { OnEffectApply += AuraEffectApplyFn(spell_warl_soul_shards_AuraScript::HandleApply, EFFECT_0, SPELL_AURA_DUMMY, AURA_EFFECT_HANDLE_REAL); } }; AuraScript* GetAuraScript() const override { return new spell_warl_soul_shards_AuraScript(); } };
  9. stuck on ENTER WORLD (ingame) Received not handled opcode [CMSG_BATTLE_PAY_GET_PURCHASE_LIST 0x36BF (14015)] from [Player: Account: 1]
  10. how to know if a spell (heal/damage) get cirit on target and getamount of that? i used oneffect hit so it'll reture damage/heal value befor hit target.
  11. thank you for your answer, rebuild extractor,repair wow client,replace common.dll and restart extractor, it's worked.
  12. Yes, it's enUs run on vm with 16 core cpu + 128G ram it took about 15 hours and continue, stuck on file AreaPOI.db2 .
  13. extract dbc : extractor is runing and the size of file AreaPOI.db2 in dbc is over 100G, also exttractor is not complete yet. is it ok !? client : 7.2.5 branch master : 4ce939e79b4a70b4904da67ef9019ddd044209dc
  14. Hello, i was try to use hotswap from wiki, configure hotswap and run worldserver from outside of Build folder. but i had error on build. any help will be very welcome. Recompiling Module "Northrend"... Starting asynchronous build job for module Northrend... Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 14.0.25420.1 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. MSBUILD : error MSB1009: Project file does not exist. Switch: scripts_northrend.vcxproj >> The build of module Northrend failed! See the log for details.
  15. thx to funjoker. just set database to false and set path c:\trinity\build\dbc\enus
  16. i was try for wow 6.x and now my client is upgraded to 7.x then i used spellwork 7 but has error without ask about DBC source
  17. Hello, i was try to run spellwork.exe 6.x but after select dbc folder it has an error on start : "Failed to load AreaGroupMember.db2: this is not a vaild DB2 file."
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