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  1. Trinity want a really clean & blizzlike code (which is a good thing), there is two consequences of this requirement : - Trinity Code is cleaner everyday and have more and more 100% blizzlike methods - It take a long time to implement any new functionality because it often require a lot of modifications to be blizzlike & clean enough for TC Ashamane, on the other hand, prefer content over blizzlikeness, there is two consequences : - Ashamane is dirtier than TC code, and some developper may be horrified by some pretty bad code part (Hello @Riztazz :D) - There is more c
  2. CDawg : I think he want to know if a TC server is running on the server, to display a "Server Online/Offline" message You can't just ping, ping will just tell you your hardware is up and can response. If you want to specifically check if TC is running, you must check if the server is listening on worldserver port (8085 on master if i remember well) Check this : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2836674/determine-if-a-server-is-listening-on-a-given-port
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