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  1. Fixed when i updated to the last revision 7.2.5 24461, thanks all.
  2. Hello all, im trying to disable the spel 193396 i put on sourcetype 0 entry the id and flags 8, but the spell its still appearing at the book from the warlocks, how can i disable it? thanks a lot. Im using core 7.x
  3. Hello all, i can see that some instances like Siege of Orgrimmar or map id 1136 doesnt exist on data base,its why that zone its on development yet? or is becaue another reason? thanks a lot!
  4. Hello all, im trying to find how can i disable the achievements on GM accounts, i saw on worldserver.conf but i cant see a line with that, someone knows how to? thanks a lot, using Server 7.X.
  5. Must be very interesting to see, how they works, this year i will start on the world of programming, and must be very interesting to see, in general for example, the work that must do the people for trinity to obtain a "equal code" using " reverse engineering" or something like that must be a lot of interesting, and a lot of insane work of course :P, but its really nice to know that there is people working on amazing proyects like that, and thanks for the info darki73!
  6. Hello all, im question to myself why there are so much revisions on the same patch, for example today we have a new 7.2.5 24461, the past week was 24415, etc etc, why are they doing this? maybe cause they are applying new updates like all weeks? or maybe you think for another reason? sounds like not like in the past, one patch stay at the same version a lot of time, the another big new patch etc, what do you think? thanks as always.
  7. Hello all, im having "unable to connect" to the server version 7.2.5. 24415. I changed the set portal for set portal "localhost" i patched correctly the wow.exe without errors to the 7.2.5 24415 version.exe i put on the realm on local adress localhost or i created an account on the server but i cant connect right now, thanks a lot for the help.
  8. So can i use the TDB of 7.2.0 for the new 7.2.5? thanks!
  9. Hi all and thanks like always for the help, i heared that yesterday was the update of the core to the 7.2.5 24415 version, but on the TDB list i cant see the version for that core, maybe can i use the 7.2.0 TDB for 7.2.5? or i must wait for the update?
  10. I change in to the game the language to English and then delete Cache folder , then works perfectly the extractor, thanks a lot!
  11. Im trying to use Spanish client right now but my DBC have all languages, so i think must be like "multi"? thanks!
  12. so maybe i have a problem with the extractors..., the map extractor only extracts for me the dbc and the gt without any exit error, maybe im doing something wrong? thanks.
  13. Yeah exactly, so can i use for example maps and vmaps from an older 7.X version or i must wait to the new update of the extractors? thanks a lot!
  14. Hi all at first, im triying tom extract the maps with the extractor, but the mapextractror.exe only extract the dbc and gt, maybe is cause is not yet updated to version 7.2.5 (24415) ? Can i use maps or vmaps from a lower version while waiting for the update? thanks a lot.
  15. Ok i fixed it, i Downgrade the Boost VERSION from 1_64 TO 1_63 and worked perfectly, so bad, but i hope this will help another people
  16. Right now im using windows 10 x64, using boot version 1_64_0 and triying to compile it with Visual Studio 2015, all the compile its done less the problem of the Boost that cant find it and i dont know why: -I created 2 variables, on the system and in the user with BOOST_ROOT and the path C:\local\boost_1_64_0 for both. -I installed the last version of Cmake no RC 3.8.2. but the error still continue, i really dont know what im doing wrong.
  17. Ok i fixed it Installing the 2015 version of visual studio, i dont know why with the 2017 version doesnt work.., now i have a problem with the Boost libraries, i installed correctly the package on the main path C:\local\boostfolder, and added the system variable, but i have this error: thanks a lot!
  18. I dont know what are you triying to say exatcly, i tried to move the folder like the wiki says you can put on C:\Trinity and C:\Build, with this changes i also have exactly the same error. This is the entire code of the error: Thanks a lot
  19. Hello everyone, at first i must said that i tried to find a solution for myself, i read all documentation not only on the forum, also on google, but i dont know why i cant solve mi problem, I install all like on the wiki says, but i dont know why i have this error on Cmake: At first the error was "Cmake unknow c or c++ compiler, but i installed correctly visual studio community 2017, i saw this on the wiki Note: If CMake does not recognize your C/C++ compiler, choose Specific Native Compiler, and choose path to target vcvarsall.bat, e.g. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat . So i did, but lets appear another error: "The C compiler (path)\vcvarsall.bat is not able to compile a simple program" but the compilations starts with error at final. I uploaded images of the error, what im doing wrong? i tried to reinstall on clean S.O after format, and i obtain always the same error. Thanks a lot at first for the help! Actually im using windows 10 x64 bits.
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