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  1. i have acces with taxinode to the 2 new zones .
  2. hello i think nobody will answer for this question .....google only
  3. if you compil with centos you can export the gcc you want before run cmake export CC=path_to_your_gcc export CXX=path_to_your_gcc++ Always with Centos if you have installed devtoolset 7 for centos7 only run before cmake scl enable devtoolset-7 bash
  4. hello, actually there is no connection_patcher on the last commit repo 8.0.1 28153
  5. hello, Give some specs with the machine, linix or windows, processeur, ram , core version etc...., it will help
  6. Hello, Are the new zones Zalandar and Kul Tiras accesible with the last master build 8.0.1 ? I see no game_tele in the database for these zones thank
  7. hello, I have compiled the last build master = and i see no connection_patcher inside I try to patch the client with the last 7.3.5 connection_patcher build , but is not working , i get this error : Creating patched binary... Determined build number: 28153 Win64 client... patching Portal Found offset 31911056 patching redirect RSA Modulus Found offset 31172928 patching BNet certificate file location EX: unable to find pattern An error occurred. Press ENTER to continue... How i can patch the client ? Thanks
  8. problem fixed, i have just to install vcredist c++ 2015 from microsoft on windows seven.
  9. Hi, First, thank you for the TrinityCore that i use for many years, and sorry for my poor english. I never had problems to use it before. But , i have now one that made me crazy. I have the latest master compiled on linux 7.3.5 (26365) working fine on centos. I can connect to the server with my windows 10 computer, but i can not connect with my other windows 7 computer. i have on this windows 7 computer --- you have been disconnected -- BLZ51901021 Next i try my client with a second windows 7 laptop from a friend in my home , and i can connect to the server with his computer. I have checked all, no firewall problems , ports problems, or network issues. or account issues ... What is the problem ? Windows7 is up to date , is something missing ? any ideas ?? Thank you
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