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  1. I'd just like to get a little insight to why so much of the current Trinitycore code doesn't match up to a few years ago. Now I know I'm not a pro at coding on Trinitycore and I understand that the core is open sourced but these just seem so significant and doesn't seem right to remove this stuff. Let me give an example. Lets say I'm watching this tutorial to get a little information about classes and methods that I can use when making a script. (I've also been using the Trinitycore Code Documentation as reference as well but it also seems to show the same issues) Although the tutorial is a little out of date, I don't see why OnGossipSelect doesn't exist anywhere in CreatureScript and that when I try to link the script to the core code it spits out this error. object of abstract class type "GossipTeleporter" is not allowed: pure virtual function "CreatureScript::GetAI" has no overrider The DEFINES of "ADD_GOSSIP_ITEM" and many more don't exist either. Am I missing something? All I want to know is if the core is mean't to be this way and if not should I download an older version of the core before I put to much working into my current core. (I downloaded my core right from the Trinitycore website tutorial) I'm currently trying to write a simple gossipteleporter that will let you talk to an npc and teleport to the given location. It's very hard to do this when so many things just don't exist within my core. EXTRA: I pasted this into a new custom script just to see if I would get errors and I got a lot of different errors: http://pastebin.com/raw/G62e0t49 This was obtained from here: http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?129885-Request-Teleporter-NPC-for-TrinityCore By no means am I looking to copy the code from the two links above, I was using them as a test to see if my core accepted them. Thanks, Wark
  2. UPDATE: So, I completely redid everything, step by step until I reached the point where I got stuck before. The error is still present, the same as it was before. I did something new that let me learn something about the source of the error. I decided to listen to the error when it says "Please make sure you've executed all queries in the sql/updates folders." So what did I do? I executed all the files in the following folder: E:\TrinityCore\Trinity\sql\updates\world\3.3.5\*files here* This caused something interesting, the "world.updates_include" isn't the only thing not present. Everything related to world is just not there. Here is another similar error when launching one of the world files: "Table 'world.conditions' doesn't exist." At this point I'm not sure where to get these files, they just seem to be missing. Could I be using a different version of DB? I installed the 3.3.5 for both Trinity and TDB. Hopefully more information about this will help if anyone has ideas because at this point something important is missing that I don't know how to get. Additional info: I also tried launching "create_mysql"(whether is was wrong to or not, I seems like the wiki tells you to do this) and I got the following error: "Can't create database 'world': database exists" This confuses me because so much "doesn't exists".
  3. I didn't use a Repack, the Repack was a previous server I made. I following the instructions and link on the TrinityCore Wiki. This is the TrinityCore that I installed (Got link from https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977329/Windows+Core+Installation) https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore
  4. Perhaps I missed something, I didn't do any 'setup' or installation of the TDB. Just placed the find with the worldserver and ran it. E:\TrinityCore\TrinityCore-3.3.5\sql\updates\world\3.3.5\ - There are a ton of world SQL files in here (This is the DB correct). Was I suppose to do something else with the "TDB_full_world_335.64_2018_02_19.sql" before running the worldserver? My apologies if I didn't understand your question correctly or I'm asking silly questions. I originally used Repacks to 'mod' WoW but I recently discovered the limitations so this is my first time getting and compiling a repack for myself.
  5. # # Updates.AutoSetup # Description: Auto populate empty databases. # Default: 1 - (Enabled) # 0 - (Disabled) Updates.AutoSetup = 1 Is this what you're referring to? By default this is already enabled.
  6. Hello! I'm almost finished my TrinityCore setup but I've run into some issues with Databases and the installation. When I ran the worldserver it was able to create the Auth database and Character database without any issues but it gets stuck and displays the following error: [1146] Table 'world.updates_include' doesn't exist Your database structure is not up to date. Please make sure you've executed all queries in the sql/updates folders. I've followed all the steps on the installation guide but I can't seem to get it to work. Things I've tried: I've reinstalled TrinityCore 3.3.5 Source and replace the *other Source folder with the new one. I installed the DB from here https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/releases (TDB 335.64) - Is this not the correct DB? Deleting the DB that the worldserver created and letting it recreate the files (authserver works completely fine if that matters at all) I uploaded the most recent crash log (unknown_worldserver.exe[#].txt) and my server log to show what displays when I launch worldserver. (this doesn't display the error from above for some reason but just imagine that the error comes right after all the good stuff) I'm available to give more information if needed but I hope this is enough. Thanks to anyone who might find a solution to this mess, much appreciation. unknown_worldserver.exe_[21-6_15-35-49].txt Server.log RESOLVED I've managed to solve the issue and here is how: When you create a new SQL database (as I did) SQL server adds a world database preset inside. This makes the world server think that it already has a world database but looks inside to find some random junk. If you manage to make a clean/empty database then this issue shouldn't occur.
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