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  1. And another new purple, Ariel- https://community.trinitycore.org/profile/22941-ariel/
  2. Like most of you see, the forum shows huge text linking the most common problems as well it requests to post on the specific threads if your problems fits your problems, but still some people make new threads even when their problems fit those threads, so i ask. Also veterans here don't knows 1 thread creation on Help and Support gives a red warning with a link to the most common problems threads. What's not clear enough or what makes you to create new threads? I want to fix that to avoid the creation of new threads when the topic exists already on Guides sub-forum. English is not your mother tongue and it's hard to read the descriptions? You are colour blind and you don't see descriptions? You think making a post on a existing thread don't will have attention? What needs to be fixed on wiki to fix your database structure problems? What needs to be fixed on wiki to fix your core installation problems?
  3. Fixed the answer there issue, still your problem is: You miss https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/releases/download/TDB335.55/mysql_lib.zip http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/Requirements read windows point 9.
  4. We are looking for people to convert ancient scripts into EventMap, example of conversion: http://git.io/FUJjsw
  5. So, you are looking for help to fix your code and you don't wanna share the code? Rules on this forum are clear: You must post the full patch when requesting help for a custom patch. Any help request without full patch will be closed. This means the patch must be public, not send by pm to devs/moderators.
  6. We are looking for people to convert spell_scripts to allow us to drop this table, please put your fixes on tracker (has pastebin.com or TPaste links, not Pull Requests, if they can't be made with SmartAI create c++ Pull Requests. This table will be dropped when the conversion is finished.
  7. If you look we have cut the amount of subforums to reduce confusion of posting on incorrect places.
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